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Awesome Relations

Authors Who are Related

Here are some well-known authors who you might not have known were related! It's common in the literary world to have authors with the same last name, first name or both, but when you find out they have something else in common, it’s extra special. Here is a list of authors who are either related by blood or marriage and who write about some of the same themes as their family members.
The Color Purple by Alice Walker  
The Color Purple tells the story of a young African American girl in the segregated South who, despite being forced into an abusive marriage, slowly gains strength and courage from the women around her, to let go of the past and look forward to the future. Read The Color Purple if you want to experience heartache but ultimately come out stronger in the end. The movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, debuted in 1985 starring Whoopi Goldberg and Oprah Winfrey. The Broadway production is showing at the Kennedy Center this summer.

Black White and Jewish: autobiography of a shifting self by Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker is the daughter of Alice Walker. Her daughter’s biography, Black, White and Jewish explores the up and down relationship between mother and daughters, and how the author went about trying to find her place in the world, when it is not always cut and dry. Like her mother's, her writing is raw, real and unapologetic. 
The Shining by Stephen King 
The Shining is a classic tale of malevolent forces and dark cold isolation. When a caretaker and his family are tasked with the care and maintenance of a hotel closed for the winter months, evil forces attach themselves to the man and his clairvoyant son. But the young son soon realizes that fathers might not always have their best interests at heart.

A Heart Shaped Box by Joe Hill
Like father, like son. Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King and an author who also writes about the paranormal . In A Heart Shaped Box, an aging rock star, who is a collector of macabre objects, stumbles upon a suit for sale with a dark past. Unfortunately, the suit's previous owner also came with the deal. If you like your horror novels centered around common objects or places, then both these books are right up your alley.   
NW by Zadie Smith  
NW follows four young people as they grow up and out of a London public housing area. As they journey from teenagers to young adults, they experience London as it really is, a modern day urban jungle full of dark alleys, dead ends and bright lights. This is a story of growing up, making mistakes and trying to learn from those mistakes.

Modern Gods by Nick Laird
Laird is married to Zadie Smith. His novel Modern Gods tells the readers the story of two sisters who live very different lives. Allison is on her second marriage, hoping this one will stick, and Liz is heading to a remote island in the Southwestern Pacific to document a new religion for her reality show. But both sisters soon realize that before you know it, you can get wrapped up in secrets without a clear way out. Read one or both of these novels if you are interested in characters finding their personal truths and discovering how one choice can affect your whole life.