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E-Book Historical Romances

Regency Favorites

I've written before about my love for historical romances, particularly regencies. Regencies are romance novels set in England in the early 19th century, usually with upper class characters during the social season, but often are historical, with characters behaving according to more modern values. Here are some I've particularly enjoyed. While some of books in this genre delve into real historical issues, these ones are more fun than serious. All of these books are only in DCPL's e-book collection.

The Lady Most Likely by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway
Three interconnected tales of love found at a weekend house party, instigated by the Earl of Briarly’s realization that he needs an heir and therefore a wife. The three parts of this book follow three of his wife candidates: the darling of the season, an outspoken ingénue and the Earl’s sister’s widowed best friend. All the characters are vibrant and engaging and this is an amusing trifle.

Miranda Cheever has been in love with her best friend Olivia's brother, Turner, since she was 10 years old and he was 19 and nice to her. Love hasn't quite been kind to Turner, however. His wife cheated on him and left him convinced that love and marriage were illusory. Can Miranda move on from her childhood love, or will she convince Turner to love again? This one was some more serious elements but Miranda is a great character. 
Unveiled by Courtney Milan
 Ash Turner blames the Duke of Parford for his sister’s death and his sons for many of the bad things that happened to his brothers, so when he gets his children declared illegitimate and becomes heir presumptive, he shouldn’t have any regrets. Only Ash never counted on the Duke’s daughter, Margaret. This novel explores the meaning of family loyalty and the value of revenge thoughtfully, and also features an interesting subplot about overcoming illiteracy.
Something About Emmaline by Elizabeth Boyle
This book is so, so silly and so, so fun. Alex Denford, Baron Sedgwick, invented a wife to keep his life simple. Emmaline is supposedly frail and lives in the country, and her existence keeps him from having to deal with marriage-seeking mamas. But since Emmaline is imaginary, who is this Emmaline, Baroness Sedgwick who has suddenly appeared in the papers, living in his house and spending his money? The plot is as ridiculous as it sounds, but the characters are enjoyable and the story is a lighthearted romp, even while it hints at some heavier issues.
Suddenly You by Lisa Kleypas
Amanda Briars, an author, decides to hire a prostitute for her 30th birthday, but the proprietress actually sends successful publisher Jack Devlin to her under false pretenses. Their chemistry sizzles, but Amanda wants respectability and Jack has no interest in marriage. Can they find a way to get what they both want, or will Amanda settle for less? Both main characters are vibrant and compelling, and the attraction between them is real.