And I ran, I ran so far away

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And I ran, I ran so far away

Track and Field books for school kids

I walk along the avenue
I never thought I'd read a book like you
Read a book like you

Within a cover the story lies

The kind of book that hypnotizes me through
You hypnotize me through

And I ran

I ran so far away
I just ran
And read all night and day
I couldn't get away
Fast feet rejoice! Young runners can see themselves in these middle grade track and field books (Grades 3-7). Happy reading and good luck trying to get this modification of that Flock of Seagulls song out of your head.

Geronimo Stilton: The Mouse Island Marathon by Geronimo Stilton
Geronimo's friend Champ Strongpaws has entered him into a marathon! Does Geronimo have what it takes to train for and survive a marathon full of adventurous surprises? This 30th book in the Geronimo Stilton series also includes tips for kids who want to become sportsmice.

Izzy Barr, Running Star by Claudia Mills
Izzy has joined the track team in school, but how will she ever succeed with all the advice her dad is giving her? Sure he used to run track, but that was a long time ago, and his advice doesn't seem to translate to a desire to show up to her meets. Claudia Mills speaks to the heart of young athletes with this friend filled read.

Ghost by Jason Reynolds
Ghost has always been fast, but he's a ball player, not a runner. Running is what you do when you have to, not because it's fun. When he sees a track team practicing Ghost gets to show one arrogant runner that he isn't that great, so he races the runner from the other side of the fence...and wins. Now he's got a coach trying to get him to join a team for a sport that doesn't make sense. This book is the first novel in Jason Reynolds popular track series.

Patina by Jason Reynolds
This is the second novel in Jason Reynold's track series. It follows Patty, a middle distance runner who is Ghost's teammate. Patty has a lot to do. She's always watching out for her little sister Maddy and is having a tough time putting up with the hair flippers at her new private school. She misses the public school she used to go to and all it stood for, a time when she had close friends, when her mom was still healthy, and when her dad was still around. Patty knows she has to focus if she is going to succeed, and she builds that focus on the track. 

Side Tracked by Diana Harmon Asher
Joseph doesn't feel like an athlete or a smart kid. With his ADD, it can be hard for him to pay attention to things. So when his teacher Ms. T. recommends that he signs up to join the track team, he gets a little nervous. As he tries to practice and get faster, his quick new friend Heather and his teammates help boost him up. This great book about camaraderie and sportsmanship is Diana Harmon Asher's first novel.

Running by Clive Gifford
Are you ready to learn more about racing, the history of running, technique and tactics? This non-fiction book by Clive Gifford is the perfect match for a budding runner.

Track Events in Action by John Crossingham and Bobbie Kalman
One of Bobbie Kalman's nonfiction works, this book covers technique and history of track. Beginner and intermediate runners can learn more about the various events in track as well as improve and understand techniques with a variety of helpful illustrations. Unlike many non-fiction books on track, this comprehensive work includes information on race walking, which requires specific skill. 

Field Events in Action by Bobbie Kalman
The field events companion to Track Events in Action, this book covers every technique kid athletes need to know for all jumping and throwing events. With useful illustrations and diagrams Kalman's field book is a great resource. This book also includes information on multi-event competitions.