Guest Curator: Paul C. Brunson

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Guest Curator: Paul C. Brunson

Paul C. Brunson is a business columnist for USA Today

Paul C. Brunson is a business columnist for USA Today, serial entrepreneur with three exits and TV host. He is also a true Jamaican, currently searching for his ninth job.


The Power of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini

Photo Credit: Kantola Productions
Your success as an entrepreneur is directly based on your success at persuading people (customers, staff, etc). Persuasion is based on influence. Cialdini is the G.OA.T. of influence.


Mindset, Motivation and Leadership with Carol Dweck

Photo Credit: Kantola Productions
Belief becomes reality. Belief is rooted in your mindset. Carol Dweck is the world’s foremost expert on mindset. This is a must-watch for everyone (especially entrepreneurs).


Launching a Lean Start-Up

Photo Credit: The Great Courses
Lean Start-up method has changed the way entrepreneurs create businesses today. If you want to give your new product or service idea every chance to succeed, you must learn this method.


Richard Branson

Photo Credit: Chip Taylor Communications
Nothing about Richard Branson in his early days would suggest he could become one of the most iconic entrepreneurs in historyhe was dyslexic, a failing student and found himself in trouble constantly. I personally learn more from the stories of underdogs and Branson was the king of the underdog.


Africa: Open for Business

Photo credit: Carol Pineau
The 54 countries that make up Africa collectively represents one of the most disruptive forces in business today. As the world becomes smaller, entrepreneurs will engage more with Africa than any other region of the world. Whether it be where you outsource to contractors, where you find partners or where your future customers reside, understanding Africa is fundamental to being a strategic entrepreneur.

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