Summer Horror Scream Show

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Summer Horror Scream Show

Teen YA for the Frights

What are you afraid of? How can a book accelerate your heart rate? Explore one (or more) of the following titles to find out.

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
Cas, the son of a white witch and a ghost killer, inherited a knife and talent for dispatching vengeful spirits when his father was taken down by a powerful ghost. Now he and his mother travel around helping lost spirits transition to the afterlife, which is important for the balance of life and death. Cas is blindsided when he meets Anna Korlov, the ghost of a murdered teen who kills anyone who sets foot in her haunted housewith the exception of Cas. One could call Blake's writing a merger between romance and revenge, with Cas and Anna becoming closer in conjunction with his desire to avenge a fallen father. 

Women in the Walls by Amy Lukavics
Lukavics writes a teen horror book from the lens of a girl enduring strange twists, secrets
and more secrets. Lucy is troubled by the loss of women very close to her, which may have contributed to the behavior of cutting. As the title introduces a paranormal element in the form of hearing voices, readers must ascertain if Lucy is hearing her mother communicate a message from the afterlife. Are there other voices to be heard? Is she in imminent danger of some sort? Women in the Walls utilizes well-orchestrated moments of surprise where horror intersects family revelations to draw in readers with a fast moving story.  

Project 17 by Laurie Stolarz
When six high school students sneak into an abandoned mental institution, 
you would be very correct in arriving at the conclusion that nothing good could possibly come from this scenario. Delving into how these students interact with each other serves as the core backdrop to this YA novel where choices lead to consequencesterrifying, life-altering consequences. 

Down a Dark Hall by Lois Duncan
Kit understands that something is a bit off about her new boarding school. In fact, she and three other students can't help but feel that something fishy goings on
locked gates, unmailed letters home and nightly dream visitors. When spirit guides start using the increasingly weary girls as a channel for delivering their posthumous masterpieces to Lady Duret, only a resolute Kit has the will to openly resist. This young adult book crosses supernatural elements with a since of mystery and unknown as the four characters try to figure out a suspicious environment with unexplainable events. 

Asylum by Madeleine Roux

Picture this: a haunted asylum and the teenagers who are drawn to it...sounds dangerous already. When Dan Crawford attends a summer program at New Hampshire College, he ends up housed in a former asylum turned into a dorm. As Dan becomes aware that he is somehow connected to the asylum, he wonders if other students have secret ties as well. This is a horror plot that moves quickly and features paranormal activity for unsettling revelations.