Summertime Fun: Art & Music

Shepherd Park/Juanita E. Thornton Library

Summertime Fun: Art & Music

Many art and music festivals occur over the summer. Whether you're a fan, a developing artist or musician, or just curious, below are a selection of titles for your reading pleasure.

Black is a Color by Elvan Zabunyan
This art history book covers the development of contemporary African-American art from the Harlem Renaissance to the present.  Color plates and images accompany the text.

Sharpie Art Workshop by Timothy Goodman
Get creative with Sharpie markers!  The author, both a designer and artist, has done artwork with these popular marker. He provides tips about how to create using Sharpie's and includes original works from other artists.

Music: the Definitive Visual History by Robert Ziegler et al.
Take a visual tour of the history of music through the centuries. The book features various musical instruments and noted musicians and composers from around the world. Full color illustrations, archival images, and photos accompany the text.

Kids, Music, 'n' Autism by Dorita S. Berger
If you have a child with autism or know someone who does, music can be a rewarding part of their lives. This book provides tips and advice about selecting a musical instrument, finding a teacher, attending public music events, and more.

DC Jazz: Stories of Jazz Music in Washington, D.C. edited by Maurice Jackson and Blair A. Ruble
Discover the story of how jazz music arrived in the District and its impact on the city's cultural scene.  Meet the jazz greats who made their careers in the District and find out how the tradition of jazz music continues today.

How to be an Illustrator by Darrel Rees
Enjoy illustrating and want to do more with your skill?  In this second edition, the author provides tips and advice of how to promote your work, developing a portfolio, approaching clients, contracts, and more.  Interviews with well-known illustrators about their work are included.

Artist's Painting Techniques edited by Bob Bridle
Interested in painting in watercolor, acrylic, or oil? In this book, learn the basics of painting and how to advance your skills and techniques. Full color illustrations and photos accompany the text.  A glossary of paint terms is included.

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