Big Books of Natural Wonders

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Big Books of Natural Wonders

Summer is a popular time for outdoor explorations and discoveries. Whether you find something big or small, it makes for a memorable day. Below are a selection of titles to enhance your experience.

Field Guide to the Natural World of Washington, D.C. by Howard Youth
Take a natural exploration of the District! In this guidebook, discover the variety of animals, insects, plants, trees, and more in the city's parks. See how many you spot during your next walk or day trip! Full color illustrations and photos accompany the text.

Natural Wonders of the World edited by Peter Frances
Explore the world's incredible and impressive natural sights including lakes, forests, volcanoes, savannas, glaciers, and more. The book begins with an overview of the Earth's structure and natural history. Each chapter focuses on a continent; two chapters focus on the oceans and extreme weather. Full color illustrations and photos accompany the text.

Universe: Exploring the Astronomical World by Victoria Clarke
What is it about the night sky and the planets that fascinates us? This book features a collection of over 300 images, photos, and artwork of astronomy over the centuries with a short explanation of each one. A timeline, historical essay, glossary, and more follow the text. You'll see the universe in a fascinating way.

Ocean: the Definitive Visual Guide by Fabien Cousteau et al.
Discover the awesome world beneath the ocean!  In this book, learn about the characteristics of an ocean, geology, environment, life, and more.  There's also an atlas about the world's major oceans. Color photos and illustrations accompany the text.

The National Parks: America's Best Idea by Dayton Duncan
Discover the stories behind our nation's parks and the people and events that shaped them. You'll also learn about the creation of the National Park Service. This is the official companion book to the popular documentary series by Ken Burns.

Bonus reads: Sail the high seas in Atlantic and Pacific by Simon Winchester!