The Apocalypse!

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The Apocalypse!

Zombie style

Zombie horror is a sub-genre that has always piqued my interest. It is an ending to one way of life and an introduction to another for the survivors.  It shows us what it takes to try and survive in an unfamiliar world. Here are some Zombie apocalypse thrillers that are sure to make you wonder if you are cut out to survive one. 

Year One by Nora Roberts 
Sickness comes suddenly, law and government collapse.  Lana, who practices good witchcraft, and her lover, Max, are trying to stay alive in a new post apocalypse world. Leaving NYC and traveling west, they meet up with a rag tag group of survivors and try to make it to a better place, not knowing if such a place even exists anymore. Read this book if you want a little bit of magic with your flesh eaters. 

The Girl With All the Gifts by Mike Carey
The world has succumbed to a fungus that leaves its host a flesh eating shell.  Melanie is not like the other children at school. She loves to learn about new things and talk to her teacher, but she has to be handcuffed and strapped to a wheelchair. She is special, as everyone keeps telling her; she just might be special enough to save humanity. This is one of my top picks in the zombie sub genre. Read this book if you want to see what having the fate of humanity on your shoulders will do to a person.

Zone One by Colson Whitehead
The world has been divided into two very different sides: the infected and uninfected. The new government is tasked with cleaning up and resettling Manhattan. After the more mobile and dangerous infected are destroyed, Mark Spitz and his team have the job of clearing out the stragglers, harmless infected that are stuck forever completing their last task before they were infected. But one day, while out in the field, something goes terribly wrong. I recommend reading this novel if you've ever wondered what the after effects of an un-dead apocalypse would be like. How to you start to move on from something like this?

Fiend by Peter Stenson
The impending zombie apocalypse might be the best thing that has happened to Chase Daniels. A long time meth addict, Chase has lost everything that he ever cared about: the love of his family, the love of his life, and especially his dignity. But this pandemic might just be his last shot at saving his beloved and showing her that he can be the hero that she desperately needs. If you want a zombie book with love and redemption, this is the one for you.

This Dark Earth by John Hornor Jacobs
This is Bridge City: a fortress created by child prodigy Gus at the tender age of ten, to ward off the hordes of zombies that have overrun the world. With the help of his ambitious physician mother and protector, Knock-Out, the city has done all right for itself so far. But now that Gus is 14, everyone expects him to take over as leader and protector of his people. Is he ready and able? In this time, you have to be ruthless and calculating to survive, or the darkness will devour you. I recommend this book if you ever wondered how far would you go for complete power.