Stuffy Sleepover

Woodridge Library

Stuffy Sleepover

Recently, Woodridge Library hosted a sleepover for stuffed animals.

The event began with the Family Story Time on Saturday, Sept. 15. The kids brought their favorite stuffed animal to participate. When story time was over we made beds for them by decorating shoe boxes, and gave them all felt blankets to stay warm.

The stuffed friends stayed overnight in the library, and got into a bit of mischief. They pulled out the Lego to play with and even fooled around with the copier. They played hide and seek and received a 3-D printer demonstration, courtesy of one of the librarian's stuffed cats.

The next day when the owners came back for their stuffed friends, they received a photo book of the overnight shenanigans.

One of the kids was so pleased with the event, he said that he hoped the stuffys could have a play date soon.

All the photos can be seen here.