Graphic Novel Girls

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Graphic Novel Girls

I have always been interested in graphic novels that have a woman or young girl as the main character. Maybe it's because when I was younger, I did not see a lot of female lead characters. Well, that has definitely changed. Here are some of my favorite Juvenile Graphic Novels with strong young women as leads.

Snow White written and illustrated by Matt Phelan
A take on the classic Snow White tale but with a nostalgic noir vibe. Set in New York during the Great Depression, this black and white graphic novel follows the classic tale closely. An evil stepmother with a sinister ticker tape, 7 street-hardened children, a winter wonderland window display and a cop with a kind heart who wakes Snow White with a kiss. What drew me to this novel was the simplicity of it. Black and white drawings, with a fairy tale that has been re-told many times, but not quite like this.

Fish Girl by Donna Jo Napoli and David Weisner, pictures by David Weisner
This is a coming-of-age story about a young mermaid growing up in a boardwalk aquarium. The only world she has ever known is inside her tank and what she sees reflected in the glass. Then she meets a young girl named Livia who inspires her to believe in herself and believe in a better world beyond her tank. This graphic novel made the list because we all have hardships to deal with, but sometimes just having a good friend by your side can make all the difference in the world.

Baba Yaga's Assistant by Marika McCoola, illustrated by Emily Carol
Masha finds Baba Yaga's ad in the paper- assistant needed. Anyone else would be crazy to apply to be a witch's assistant in a haunted woods, but not Masha. She is ready for an adventure. Using the folklore wisdom her grandmother passed down to her and other skills, Masha is determined to pass the witch's tests and prove she is just right for the position. This graphic novel was chosen because the main character saw something that she wanted, and she pursued it. She did not care what anyone else thought of her goal.

Be Prepared by Vera Brosgol, color by Alec Longstreth
All Vera wanted was to fit in. But that is hard to do when you are a outcast, living in the suburbs. Fancy cars, big houses, best summer camps for the popular girls. But Vera's mom can't afford all that. What she can afford is Russian Summer Camp! Welcome to bad plumbing, history lessons and girl drama. I picked this graphic novel because sometimes when you are younger all you want to do is fit in, when you were made to stand out.

Sisters by Raina Telegemeier, color by Braden Lamb
When Raina was younger, she thought having a sister would be so cool. Finally, someone to play with. But that wasn't the case when Amara was born. She does not really like to hang out with Raina, and that doesn't change as they get older. But when a new baby brother enters the picture the sisters notice a strain beginning between their parents. Can the sisters put aside their differences to bond as sisters before it's too late? I included this book because it shows the reader that life and family are not perfect, but family is forever. And with an awesome sister by your side, who knows what can happen?