Sept. 27, 2018 Community Meeting Comments

Sept. 27, 2018 Community Meeting Comments

Southwest Library Final Design Meeting

Will the new building be the same size as the old building?
It’s a bit smaller but efficient design improvements provide an increase in public space. Once completed there will 15,768 sq ft of public space in the new library, about 1000 sq ft more than exists in the current building.

You keep mentioning the connection of the interior of the building to the porch area overlooking the 3rd & I Street Park.  What exactly is the connection?  Will there be doors leading to the porch from inside the library?
When you approach the main entrance you can either enter the building or walk on the porch.There isn’t a door from the interior out to the porch but since the library wall on the porch side is all glass, there’ll be a visual connection between the interior and the porch.

Why is there an outside area for children? Wouldn’t it be better for that area to be part of the interior of the building?
It wasn’t a functional space for the interior because of structural building supports that do not allow for enough headroom. Balconies and outdoor spaces that are still a part of the building are very popular among library users.

How high is the railing around the area for the children?
It’s four feet, which is above code.

Is there any reason why there are 4 small study rooms on the second floor? Couldn’t they be separated with accordian wall dividers so they could be used by larger groups too?
We have designed a number of different room sizes.  While the community needs some larger rooms, there is also a need in this library for small rooms to be used for one to four people.

Will the new building have the same amount of shelf space as the current building?  It looks like there are fewer bookshelves on your plans.
It is a bit less than what exists now but it’s more than appropriate for the documented circulation and use patterns for this library.

Why are you replacing what is currently interior space with that big porch? It seems to me we need as much space as possible, projections are for an increase in population in our ward.
The existing building does not comply with zoning requirements based on lot occupancy. Current zoning allows for the building’s footprint to cover up to 40% of the lot. The new building is much more efficient and offers 1,000 sq. ft. of additional space for use by patrons compared to the public space in the existing building. The porch does not count towards the maximum lot occupancy. For the new building the project had to apply for a waiver to exceed the lot occupancy. The waiver has been approved.

How much energy do the solar panels provide?
30% of the building’s projected energy use is from the solar panels.

Do the solar panels store energy?
No, however there’s a battery back up to partially power the building in case of a power outage.

You said the image on the WOW wall is digital, does that mean it will be changing?
No, it will be a digitally produced print but it’s not a changing digital display.

Will we have self-checkout?
Yes – there’ll be two - one near the main entrance and one in the adult services upstairs.

Are there more computers for the children than we have in the current library?
We are planning for the same number of computers with the room for more if needed.There will also be a lot of places to plug in notebooks.

The design plans for alot of blank walls in the children’s area? Can’t those walls be used for displays?
There will be tackable services in the children's room, but we also want to maintain a balance of clean lines and restful spaces.

Is there a built in screen in the first floor multi-purpose room?
Yes, two fixed monitors and two mobile display monitors.

Will the multi-purpose room have pulldown screens?

Why not?
Technology is changing quickly and we want the new library to be designed and outfitted with forward thinking technology.

Will sound travel between the two areas when the divider is separating the first floor Multi-purpose room into two spaces?
It will not be as quiet as a solid built wall, but acoustics are carefully detailed. There’ll be a bit of white noise.

The maker space looks a bit tight – are you sure there’s enough room?

Are there video teleconference capabilities?
We haven’t finalized the systems for the building but that will be considered.

Will there be bike parking available outside?

Is this presentation going to be online?
Yes, check the library construction site tomorrow morning.

Will there be a Capitol Bike Share?
DDOT was brought to the project site and they are striving to set up a docking station beyond the library’s lot towards the park.  The docking state is on a separate timeline from the library project.

Will there be a café in the new library?
No, we won’t have one in this building but there are coffee shops nearby.

The West End library has a cafe – it’s so nice to be able to have a coffee with your book.
The West End Library project was a mixed-use development and that café is not in the library’s space. The café is a privately owned business.

Did the budget prohibit us from building a third level on the new library?
Three stories complicates things – not only does it cost more to build a third floor but there are increased safety concerns, and another level is more expensive to operate as more staff is needed to manage the space. The studies we have done on the circulation and usage of this library and the projected growth of this community shows that the current design should provide more than enough space. Additionally, the site is on a floodplain and building below grade is not in line with the District’s resiliency guidelines.

Our ward is growing and is expected to have a large increase in population, why aren’t we getting a larger library?
We have the data on the expected growth of this ward and it shows us that the new library is a space that will accommodate the increase in population.