The Woman in White

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The Woman in White

Begins October 21 on WETA-26

Walter Hartright, a young drawing master, accepts a position at a country estate outside of London. Before he leaves, Walter encounters a young woman dressed in white on the road. She is frightened and on the run. What happens next is a thrilling mystery in the classic novel The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins.

The novel is told by various narrators including Walter Hartwright, Marion Halcombe, and Count Fosco. Murder, stolen identities and gender inequality are among the themes in the novel. Wilkie Collins, who was a lawyer, drew on his experiences writing the story. First published in installments in 1859, The Woman in White attracted popular readership in Great Britain and the United States. The full length novel was published the following year.

Today, The Woman in White is considered to be an early example of the mystery novel and Wilkie Collins's finest work. It has been adapted for stage and screen including a new one on PBS. The five part adaptation of The Woman in White airs on Sunday evenings at 10 p.m. from October 21 to November 18 on WETA-26.