Privacy Tools in Action

Mt. Pleasant Library

Privacy Tools in Action

Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018, 11:30 a.m.

As Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the largest for-profit engines, applications and social media corporations gain ever greater access to our content and usage of the internet, there have also come into existence creative technologies and best practices that, if put into use, mitigate the view that these organizations have on our internet access.

This event will bring together those who like to learn what is going on with the internet and anyone else just curious to look into various technologies built for devices of all sorts that are already available to buttress our digital privacy.

To that end, we will have a round-table event, led by Jesse Lambertson, a librarian for an academic institution in Washington, D.C., wherein we will delve into those various available technologies, talk about which ones we prefer and install some of them on our devices.

Please bring whatever devices you use: laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, phones etc. We will use the library's publicly accessible WiFi to take our digital privacy to the next level.

Waivers to attend will be provided.