The Plato Project

West End Library

The Plato Project

West End Neighborhood Library's Plato Project aims to read and discuss a variety of Platonic dialogues. This is a discussion-based group and there is no preferred translation. The West End Neighborhood Library's adult services librarian will facilitate these discussions. We meet on the first Tuesday* of every month until Oct. 1, 2019. The full reading list is as follows:

*In observance of New Year's Day, which falls on a Tuesday, we will meet for January's discussion on January 8.

Dec. 4 | The Apology
Jan. 8 | Charmides
Feb. 5 | The Symposium
Mar. 5 | Meno
Apr. 2 | Theatetus
May 7 | Crito
June 4 | Phaedo
July 2 | Gorgias
Aug. 6 | Phaedrus
Sep. 3 | Timaeus
Oct. 1 | Parmenides

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