Catalog Holds: Frequently Asked Questions

Catalog Holds: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know if my library card account has been automatically extended? 
If you had an expired library card between April 1, 2017 through April 12, 2020, your library card privileges have been automatically extended during this time of social distancing. There is no action you need to take. You can use your library card immediately. 

What's my customer ID?
Your customer ID is the number below the barcode on your DC Public Library card.

What's a PIN? How can I get one?
A PIN is a Personal Identification Number. It provides a measure of protection for your privacy. You won't be able to place holds or view checkouts, bills or pending holds without a PIN. In the interest of protecting your privacy, we cannot reveal PINs over the telephone or via e-mail. Obtain one in person at your nearest DC Public Library location by presenting identification.

If I don’t remember my PIN, can I reset it? 
If you created a custom PIN, you can reset the number. Visit this page to have a recovery email sent to you. Please note, if you did not create a custom PIN, the last four digits of your library card is automatically set as your PIN.   

How do I activate my library card account if it expired prior to April 2017? 
To gain immediate library access, you can complete a library card application here

What do I do if my library card account is set to expire between April 13 – June 16? 
Accounts that are nearing expiration between April 13 – June 16 will automatically be extended. You will not need to take any action. You can expect to enjoy your library account without service disruption. 

I currently have items that are due back at the library. Should I return them now?  
Please do not return any items to the library at this time. Continue to enjoy the items while we practice social distancing. You will not be charged for the items. 

What happens to the holds that were placed before your closure? 
All holds previously placed before the library closed will remain on hold until the library reopens.  

Why can’t I put a hold on a physical book?  When will I be able to do that? 
While the library is closed, the ability to place holds on physical items is temporarily suspended. The service will be reinstated when the library reopens. You can, however, still place holds on digital items. 

Will my temporary online card number still work once the library reopens? How do I switch to a permanent card? 
Yes, your temporary online card number will still work. Once the library reopens, you will have 30 days to visit a library location to transition to a permanent library card.