Teen Programming Ideas for 2019

Anacostia Library

Teen Programming Ideas for 2019

We Need Your Input!

At the Anacostia Neighborhood Library, we want all of our visitors to feel welcomed when they walk through the doors. We strive to provide all the resources and services that our visitors look for when they come to the library. One important area we would like to improve is programs for teenagers.  At the moment, we are looking to develop new teenage programs. The Anacostia Neighborhood Library wants these new programs to make our teenagers feel welcomed. However, we can't do it alone. We need your input!

If you are a teenager, which includes ages 13-19, we ask for your cooperation by filling out a quick survey. Your input will help us to produce engaging programs geared just for you. If you are not a teenager, but know someone who is, just copy the link to the survey below and send it to someone who is a teenager. Thank you for your cooperation and your support.