World Folklore

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World Folklore

Adult collections of tales and myths

Enjoy folktales from around the world!  If you're looking to explore more about your heritage or simply curious, you'll have a rich reading experience. Below are a selection of titles available to check out from the library system.

The Annotated African American Folktales edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Maria Tatar
In this groundbreaking book, the editors present folklore, myths and legends from Africa, the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Many of the stories appear in print for the first time after being lost or forgotten. Essays and period photography and archive images complement the text.

Mythology of Native North America by David Leeming and Jake Page
In this anthology, the authors present over seventy stories from a variety of cultures and language groups throughout North America. Each section begins with an introduction and commentary about the stories. The book features stories about the deities, the creation of the world, heroes, heroines and more. A fascinating collection for general readers.

Favorite African Folktales edited by Nelson Mandela
Enjoy the African oral storytelling tradition in this collection of folktales. Countries represented in the book include Morocco, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and more. The stories of people and animals entertain as well as provide lessons about life and the world. A glossary of terms follows the text.

Marvellous Thieves by Paulo Lemos Horta
The stories of Arabian Nights are considered a classic in world literature; many of them originated in the Middle East centuries ago. During the eighteenth and nineteenth century, French and English language translations of the Arabian Nights stories were popular. In this fascinating book, the author examines the cross cultural influences on these stories, how the stories evolved over time, and the people who contributed to the collection. Archival images accompany the text.

Maryland Legends by Trevor J. Blank and David J. Puglia
Haunted houses and buildings! Ghostly sightings! Scary creatures in the woods! For a small state, Maryland is full of stories of mystery and legend. Discover the origins of these stories and why they remain in popular imagination. Archival images and photos accompany the text.