Hidden Worlds

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Hidden Worlds

Beyond the thin veil separating our reality from all that is or could be exist other worlds. Worlds that are connected to us and affect our lives. The following books depict other worlds or realities, and the people of our world that find themselves part of them.

Backstagers by James Tynion IV
When Jory tries to join the drama club at his high school, he discovers the stage crew, the Backstagers, and a secret world behind the stage door. Every backstage has a secret door that leads to rooms and tunnels that move and change locations, and it is in this other world that the Backstagers get their props and supplies. However, much of the backstage world is unexplored, and getting lost can be fatal. When Jory discovers that one crew went missing in 1987 and was never found, the danger of the backstage begins to reveal itself and come into our world. This teen graphic novel is delightful and tells a lovely story about the magic on the stage and behind the curtain.

A Blade So Black by L.L. McKinney
On the other side of our world lies Wonderland, and seventeen-year-old Alice is the newest Dreamwalker in training, protecting our world from Nightmares. Born in this dreamworld from our own terror, fear and anxiety bleeding through the Veil, Nightmares can cross over and drive humankind to commit terrible crimes. Trained to fight by Addison Hatta, an immortal boy with an insane smile, Alice tries to navigate her new role, keeping it secret from her family. As Alice goes deeper into Wonderland, something dark and deadly follows her into our world, threatening the lives of her friends, family, and even Addison. This book is the first in a series and an engaging reinterpretation of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland.

Curse Words by Charles Soule
Wizord, a wizard and a slave from the Hole World, was sent into ours by Lord Sizzajee to destroy it. While the spell that would destroy Earth brewed for weeks, Wizord came to enjoy our world’s freedom and delights outside Sizzajee’s subjugation and instead chose to reveal himself as an all powerful wizard to aid humanity. However, Sizzajee is not done with Earth yet, and Wizord’s troubles have only just begun, as more of Sizzajee’s minions are sent over to kill Wizord. This adult fantasy graphic novel spins a lot of tropes on their axis and is a whole lot of fun -- with some particularly excellent art from Ryan Browne. It must be noted that Wizord’s companion is also a koala bear named Margaret, who is more popular than him on Twitter. #teammargaret

The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
The Long Earth is a collaboration between fantasy writer Pratchett and alternate history writer Baxter. When a set of blueprints for a device that requires wires, a switch, and a simple box -- and is powered by a potato -- is released on the Internet, life on our Datum Earth changes forever. Once the switch is flipped, you are transported to a parallel Earth that is devoid of humanity, and many "step" away from our crowded Earth to settle the infinite Long Earths. As stepper Joshua Valienté and Lobsang, a Tibetan motorcycle repairman reincarnated as an artificial intelligence, explore hundreds of thousands of worlds, they discover hominid species that have evolved to step -- and that the veil between worlds has always been within reach to them. They also find evidence of an unknown menace that is driving all these species of other worlds back toward our own.

Red Thorn by David Baillie
Artist Isla Mackintosh has been drawing a red-haired tattooed man bound with chains in a dark cave for years, often multiple times a day. Little does she know that this man, Red Thorn, is real, and each drawing makes him more powerful until he is able to escape his bondage in Otherworld. Isla then finds herself at the center of a war between gods as Red Thorn uses Isla and others with diluted god blood to wage war against Cadros, who has been secretly subjugating humanity after Red Thorn’s failed attempt to stop him over 1,000 years ago. In this battle between immortals, can Isla survive as a pawn or take control of her own fate with her newly discovered power to create anything she draws into existence?