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National Poetry Month Appreciation

In recognition of National Poetry Month, we want to take the time to celebrate poets and their spoken word(s). Because there are so many different styles of literacy, here are some highlights, achievements and legacies of poets that encourage reading, writing and maybe even a voice to the unheard. Here is a suggested list of poems and books that you might enjoy. Check out our website for some fun activities during the month of April.  

The Poet X
by Elizabeth Acevedo
Xiomara Batista aka Poet X from Harlem is conflicted about herself as an African American Latina. X is very confused about everything and feels unheard. She tries to confide in her mother, father, twin brother, best friend, teachers, and priest about life and faith but no one seems to answer the questions that weigh on her chest and mind. X finds a way to release some of those feelings and questions and discovers her own voice in slam poetry. Read how she balances to understand faith, religion and her own relationships.

The Disturbed Girl's Dictionary
by NoNieqa Ramos
Macy is officially classified as disturbed. Uninterested in how others perceive her, Macy has more pressing problems and issues in her life that she is dealing with. Her mother is obese, her father in prison, her brother is taken into custody by Child Protective Services. With all the chaos, Macy is feeling really lonely, scared and depressed and is finding it extremely difficult to express herself. That is until Macy started creating characters that explain the world as she see it and uses a dictionary format to tell it all.

Paint Me Like I Am: Teen Poems 
by WritersCorps.
Paint Me Like I Am is a collection of poems written by teens who have taken part in writing programs run by a national nonprofit organization called WritersCorps. WritersCorps was started to help at-risk youth in San Francisco, Washington, DC, and New York City (the Bronx) benefit in creative expression through writing. 

The Rose that Grew from Concrete 
by Tupac Shakur
Tupac is a known as one of the greatest rappers of all time. His heart felt lyrics touched many lives. His music discussed problems and conflicts that people were afraid to say out loud or even deal with. His creative writing style and lyrics has changed many lives. Many of his musical lyrics were about living a life in poverty, love, his relationship with his siblings, police brutality and even death.  These are Tupac's personal writings of his life, he writes about injustice in the world, how people should take better care of their
communities and so much more. 

Things I Have to Tell You: Poems and Writing by Teenage Girls
By Betsy Franco/Nina Nickles
A collection of poems, stories and essays written by girls 12 to 18  years of age and revealing the secrets which enabled them to overcome the challenges they faced.