From Politics to Paperback

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From Politics to Paperback

Former White House staffers who prove sometimes (alternative) fact is stranger than fiction.

The turnover rate of this administration is higher than a fast food joint right before the school year starts and these people had something to say about it.

The Blue Collar President by Anthony Scaramucci
Grand opening, grand closing. No one knows better about high turnover rates than Anthony Scaramucci. Somehow after only eleven days of working in the White House, Scaramucci managed to squeeze 287 pages of fluff into what some would consider a book. Equipped with the writing skills and urgency of a high school senior feverishly typing their final paper the night before it's due, Scaramucci delivers what is essentially an autobiography with a few sprinkles of White House gossip peppered in. Considering his very short time in the White House and the rate at which this administration is cranking out breaking news, this book was outdated before it even hit the shelves but that didn't stop Mr. Scaramucci from attempting to stretch his five minutes of fame into the standard fifteen, there's no wonder why they call him "the Mooch."

A Higher Loyalty by James Comey
Best known as the man who quite possibly cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election, Comey gives the rundown of his time in several different administrations. A Higher Loyalty is full of mafia references and stories which doesn't seem like a smart move coming from someone who worked so closely with an administration overflowing with criminals (several of former Trump staffers have been charged with various crimes) but the book opens with "The life begins with a lie" so there seems to be at least some level of accountability, however late. Comey goes into detail about all the things we would have no knowledge of regarding the Trump administration unless you 1. Existed in 2016 and 2. Had a pulse. Written with all of the smug indignation of the person who actually stole the cookie from the cookie jar but still has the gall to ask "who?" A Higher Loyalty is less of a tell-all and more of a "Now That's What I Call Politics volume 4573456" in book form.

Unhinged by Omarosa Manigault Newman
Omarosa wastes no time in her recount of her years knowing Trump getting right to the one shred of leverage she has against the president, a tape that could possibly contain audio of the president using, to put it gently, unsavory language. Several tapes were released but none did the damage that Manigault Newman had hoped for. So in another swing and a miss, she wrote a book. No stranger to the cutthroat world of politics, Omarosa takes us through how she navigated the Clinton administration and transitioned to the Trump administration all while trying to convince either us or herself that she succeeded in playing the game of politics rather than the game playing her. Manigault Newman uses her unique perspective as one of the few African American women in the Trump White House to tell us all the scandals that only someone who's known the president for many years, as she has, would know...or that someone with access to the news would know. Omarosa essentially yells "spoiler alert!" before her review of a movie we've all already seen.

The Briefing by Sean Spicer
Most notable for providing the inspiration for a brilliant "Saturday Night Live" impression by Melissa McCarthy, former Press Secretary Sean Spicer brings us his accountability free account of his time in the Trump administration. Sometimes, when you are reading these recounts from, for lack of a better word, "celebrities" they ring false as they have very obviously been written by a smarter or more articulate person. If you find that to be a problem then this book is for you because there clearly was not a smarter or more articulate person behind the scenes ghostwriting this book. If you've played hide and seek with a toddler whose idea of hiding was standing in the middle of the room and covering their eyes then you know what it feels like to read this book. Spicer stands in plain view and tries to convince the rest of us that we aren't seeing what is right in front of our faces.

Team of Vipers by Cliff Sims
If you are wondering "who is Cliff Sims?" or "where did this guy come from?" Don't worry, you are not alone in that line of questioning. Unfortunately, I don't think you will find very many answers to such questions in Team of Vipers. According to the cover of the book (because we all needed to know this upfront), Sims was the Special Assistant to the President before leaving the Trump administration to write this "tell all." Following in the footsteps of many of his fellow former Trump staffers, Sims did the hard work of stringing together various headlines in an attempt to gain similar albeit temporary notoriety. A deep dive into things we were already sure of, Sims followed the exit procedures of leaving the Trump administration right to the middle.