Dream Faraway

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Dream Faraway

Let your imagination have at it conjuring up the images and feelings from these novels. A wide range of emotions as well as personal, social and political experiences are explored giving the reader a window into other cultures and points of view.

The signature of all things by Elizabeth Gilbert   
This is a bold story of love and adventure that absorbs you and pulls at your heart strings. Based on the adventures of the Whittaker family and its patriarch, Henry Whittaker. Mr. Whittaker goes from rags to riches, from an impoverished boy in England to a very rich man trading goods from South America and eventually the United States. The story then extends to his daughter and beyond as tales of love, loyalty and betrayal are interwoven.

Ioláni, or, Tahíti as it was: a romance by Wilkie Collins  
Tahiti always seems really far away, as if it were found in a different dimension from our own. Like a world between the material and spiritual. Ioláni is a romance. Riveting, suspenseful and full of danger. This novel takes place in Tahiti prior to the arrival of Europeans, and we are brought into a world of folklore and traditional customs and beliefs that seem strange yet familiar.
She weeps each time you're born by Quan Barry
Set in Vietnam at the end of the war, a girl is born who has the supernatural ability to commune with the living and the dead. This young lady has to make sense of her life and who she is, while trying to make sense of the country in which she was born and its tumultuous history.

The prophets of eternal fjord by Kim Leine
This novel takes place in Denmark and Greenland and is based on historical events during the reign of King Christian VII. An epic story that explores colonialism and other social realities. 

The god of small things by Arundhati Roy.
My final selection takes place in the melting pot of Kerala, India and is a family saga full of drama as well as spiritual and political messages. The story centers around a wealthy, Syrian Christian in Kerala, India, focusing on the seven-year-old twin boy and girl Estha and Rahel.