Going to the Chapel

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Going to the Chapel

Spring is here and along with rebirth, allergies and warmer weather, another wedding season is beginning.  From field settings to islands, dresses to cakes, and fake relationships to dead bodies, DC Public Library has books from a variety of genres that are set at or centered around weddings.

The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory
Alexa Monroe lives in Berkeley, where she is the mayor’s chief of staff.  Drew Nichols is a pediatric surgeon in Los Angeles.  When Drew travels to San Francisco for his ex-girlfriend’s wedding, he and Alexa stay in the same hotel, where they get stuck in an elevator together.  Drew convinces Alexa to be his fake girlfriend for the wedding, and they’re both surprised by how much they enjoy one another’s company.  Sparks fly and after they part ways, the connection doesn’t end.  As the two spend weekends traveling to see each other, Alexa is not only worried about the physical distance between them, but about the fact that she is black and Drew is white.  Can two career driven Californians find a way to make their own I do happen, or will other priorities win out?  Readers who love the fake relationship trope will devour The Wedding Date.

The Royal We by Heather Cocks
Bex’s original intent in traveling to Oxford is to study abroad, but her time in England takes an unexpected turn when she falls in love with Nick, the boy across the hall.  All Nick wants is a normal relationship, but he also happens to be the future king of England.  Bex quickly learns what it’s like to deal with the paparazzi, a family with lots of baggage and ex-girlfriends who are ready to take Bex’s place at any moment. On top of that, Bex spends ample time with Nick’s brother Freddie and struggling with her relationship with her twin sister, Lacey.  With her wedding day fast approaching, Bex must decide if she’s made the right choice.  A loose retelling of the story of Kate Middleton and Prince William, fans of the royal couple will love reading about Bex and Nick’s adventures.

Leela’s Book by Alice Albinia
Leela’s Book retells the Sanskirt epic Mahabharata, a tale written by Vyasa and narrated by Ganesh.  In Albinia’s modern version of this story, two sisters named Leela and Meera are perpetually reincarnated.  Leela’s book begins twenty-five years after Meera has passed, leaving behind an arrogant and misogynistic version of Vyasa, as well as her twin son and daughter.   Meanwhile, Leela has not been back to India since she married businessman Hari, but finds herself returning when her nephew Ash is getting married to Hari’s niece Sunita.  Once she arrives, Leela learns that Vyasa has a romantic interest in her, and the groom may be in love with someone else.  Leela’s Book is a great choice for audiences who love books set in faraway places.
Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare
The good news is that Clio Whitmore’s Uncle Humphrey left her Twill Castle in his will and she is engaged to marry Piers Brandon, who is the heir to the Marquess of Granville.  The bad news is that their engagement has lasted eight years and Piers has not set a wedding date, supposedly due to his time in the Foreign Service.  After being nicknamed Miss Wait-More by society, Clio has had enough and seeks out Piers’ rakish brother, Rafe Brandon, who has power of attorney over Piers’ affairs and thus the ability to break off the engagement.  Unfortunately for Clio, Rafe is hoping to resume being a champion prizefighter, but he needs his brother to come home first.  Rafe decides to move the process along by promising Clio a wedding within a month and taking on the task of wedding planning, complete with flowers, cakes, harps and gowns.  As the wedding draws closer and lust runs high, Rafe wonders if Piers is the brother who should be marrying Clio after all.  Pick up Say Yes to the Marquess for the love triangles, wedding planning, and smooching.

Save the Date by Mary Kay Andrews
Despite her recent divorce, Savannah florist Cara Kryzik makes her living working in the wedding industry.  Cara is about to provide flowers for a society wedding, which could finally solidify her career, but the universe keeps trying to get in the way.  In addition to a rival florist from Charleston trying to poach the job, the refrigerator in the shop breaks, Cara’s father threatens to take back the money she borrowed to open the shop, and a man named Jack Finnerty accidentally steals her goldendoodle.  As Cara deals with a difficult bride, Jack keeps appearing and trying to win her over. Can Cara land this wedding, earn the money to pay back her father, and sort out her feelings for Jack?  Save the Date will satisfy readers who enjoy a southern setting.

Terror In Taffeta by Marla Cooper
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico is a beautiful spot for Nicole Abernathy to have her dream wedding, but planner Kelsey McKenna is less than thrilled with how the event is panning out. As if dealing with a hungover bridal party and a draconic mother of the bride isn’t bad enough, on the day of, bridesmaid Dana drops over dead in the middle of the wedding.  Kelsey has never had to investigate a murder before, but when the task falls to her, she’s grateful to have wedding photographer and computer maven Brody Marx on her side.  When sister of the bride Nicole is arrested and Dana’s finance starts to look more and more suspect, Kelsey and Brody start to wonder what other secrets they’ll uncover.  Anyone who has ever dreamed of having or attending a destination wedding will love Terror In Taffeta.
Calamity at the Continental Club by Colleen J. Shogan
Not every fictional character has a perfect relationship with their future in-laws, as congressional aide Kit Marshall quickly learns.  Buffy and Winston Hollingsworth, the parents of history professor and Kit’s fiance Doug’s Hollingsworth, have two reasons for persuading Kit and Doug to stay at the Continental Club with them.  For one thing, Buffy and Winston are in town (Washington, D.C.) for the annual meeting of the Mayflower Society, held at the Continental Club.  Furthermore, Buffy is hoping Kit will want to get married at the club.  When Kit tries to leave for her jog the next morning, an unfortunate discovery impedes her progress: the body of Grayson Bancroft, president of the Mayflower Society.  Evidence shows that no one entered or left the club during the night, and Winston quickly becomes one of the prime suspects.  Along with her friends Meg, Trevor, and canine Clarence, Kit traipses all over D.C. in hopes of finding the culprit.  Anyone who loves the museums of D.C. and a bit of in-law drama will love Calamity at the Continental Club.
The Perfect Couple by Elin Hilderbrand
It’s a beautiful season in Nantucket, and the wedding of Bronx assistant zoo director Celeste Otis and her wealthy fiance Benji Winbury promises to be the event of the summer.  Benji’s parents have done everything in their power to make sure the wedding, held at their estate, is perfect.  However, the night before the wedding, an event outside of their control occurs: the maid of honor, Meritt Monaco, is found dead.  It’s up to Nantucket Chief Police Ed Kapenash and Massachusetts detective Nick Diamantopoulus to crack a case where everyone is a suspect.  Could it be Greer Garrison, mother of the groom and mystery novelist?  Could it be the groom’s father, or the bride and groom themselves?  Or could it even be one of Ed’s own family members?   Even though Nick and Ed set out to find the killer, they uncover secrets and imperfect relationships along the way.  Told from multiple perspectives, The Perfect Couple is perfect for readers who like a bit of bloodshed with their beachy reads.

A Baker Street Wedding by Michael Robertson
Actress Laura Rankin is set to marry Reggie Heath, a lawyer who lives at 221B Baker Street and must answer all letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes. When paparazzi interrupt their festivities, Laura discovers that the journalists were sent by none other than wealthy Lord Buxton, a man whom she had previously rejected.  Luckily Laura is a licensed pilot who manages to fly the two of them to Bodfyn, where her old drama teacher who also happens to be involved with a regional theatrical company lives.  When Laura is cast in a production of Macbeth and one of her costars dies while hiking, allegedly accidentally, it’s no surprise that Laura could be next.  Pick up A Baker Street Wedding if you love Sherlock Holmes.
Our Lady of the Prairie by Thisbe Nissen
Lately Phillipa’s life has involved both physical and metaphorical tornadoes.  Despite her 26 year-long marriage, Phil falls in love during a semester teaching in Ohio, and goes back to Ohio to both tell her husband and celebrate the wedding of their daughter, Ginny.  Ginny is set to marry former Amish man Silas until a tornado rolls through on the day of the wedding.  Everything becomes worse when Phil’s mother-in-law, a possible Nazi collaborator, dies.  Set during the Bush-Kerry election, Our Lady of the Prairie is an excellent story for readers who love mother daughter dynamics.