Young Adult Fabulism

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Young Adult Fabulism

7 stories of magic grounded in reality

Fairy tales aren’t just for children. These seven young adult novels will chill teens and adults alike with spooky and haunting bits of magic and fables woven into reality. From a man who moves like corn stalks to a journal that takes its writers to an impossible past in the now, these books will make you want to settle in for the weekend and explore their strange, strange worlds.

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby
After Roza goes missing, it seems the two O’Sullivan boys don’t have much to live for. While Finn deals with hatred from the town for being different in a way he can’t even begin to name, Sean struggles with abandoning his dreams of becoming a doctor to provide for Finn. Determined to somehow prove himself, Finn goes in search of Roza with a little help from the beekeeper’s daughter, Petey. In Bone Gap, nothing is what it appears to be but fortunately for Finn, appearances don’t really matter.

The Price Guide to the Occult by Leslye Walton
Nor Blackburn has a long history of witchy ancestors. With a curse set upon her home island by her family’s matriarch, Nor wishes she was simply ordinary. Her powers might turn out to be a blessing, however, when her estranged mother returns and wreaks havoc on her life and the lives of her friends. In this dark and magical story set in the Pacific northwest, Nor must determine how high a price she is willing to pay for happiness.

Imaginary Girls by Nova Ren Suma
Ruby -- everyone wants to be her or be with her. When Ruby’s younger sister Chloe finds a body in the reservoir, she’s sent away from everything she knows. But years later, Chloe must confront a dark secret her sister is hiding and it will forever alter how she sees life...and death. As she tries to reunite with her sister, Chloe is plagued with questions and her sister doesn’t seem ready to give any answers.

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds
Told in verse, this award-winning novel introduces readers to Will. At fifteen, he’s unexpectedly lost his brother and he’s on his way out for revenge. But between his front door and the elevator exit, something miraculous happens -- unless he’s just going crazy, and Will isn’t too sure. With a gun in his waistband and hatred in his heart, Will has a big decision to make, but it won’t be without a little unexpected help along the way.

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater
That Blue’s first kiss will be the cause of its recipient to die has been prophesied since she can remember. Living with a group of psychics isn’t easy, but Blue can hold her own -- and she can do it just as well in a group of local prep school boys in search of a dead king. Gansey is on a mission to find the lost Welsh king, Glendower and his friends, Ronan, Adam and Noah have found themselves as his trusty team. When Blue enters the equation, it would seem the hunt would only get easier, but an entire world is about to open for the Aglionby boys and Blue, and there’s no telling if they’re truly prepared.

Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer
Reeve is dead and Jam has been dropped at a therapeutic boarding school in the far reaches of Vermont. With a goal to get out as soon as possible, Jam keeps her head down -- until she and her classmates discover one of their assignments might have more to it than meets the eye. Their journaling takes them to impossible worlds where the pasts they yearn for are restored, but nothing gold can stay. What’s giving the class this ability? And how high a cost are they willing to pay to maintain it?

Madapple by Christina Meldrum
Since the Virgin Mary, divine intervention on this scale has yet to be seen. But Aslaug, who is already grappling with entering the real world after her mother kept her sheltered from it, is now trying to determine the circumstances of her birth after her mother dies.. Whether there’s some kind of fable that happened in the past or something more sinister is up for discussion. But without much of a voice, Aslaug can only speak for herself so much. Even if she could -- questions only bring more questions in this thought-provoking and harrowing story.