Rockin' on the Rooftop

Woodridge Library

Rockin' on the Rooftop

Rhode Island Avenue Porch Fest!

On Saturday, April 13, 2019, Woodridge was honored to be included as a site for Rhode Island Avenue Porch Fest, an all-ages event that brings the community together for an afternoon of music and fun.

Our 3rd floor rooftop, also home to a summer series of DC Punk Archive shows since 2017, featured music from Little Synth Band, Dove Lady, and Jamal Gray and Black Noise Filter. Over 200 neighbors and friends came to visit, many seeing the beauty of our 3rd level for the first time.

We also had a special installation for the day as part of the A Right to the City exhibit, brought to us in partnership with the Anacostia Community Museum. Visitors could record their own, or listen to, stories about neighborhood change on an old pay phone. If you missed the installation, you can still access the hotline to listen or record, by calling 202-335-7288 on your own phone.