Congratulations to Haiku Contest Winners

Palisades Library

Congratulations to Haiku Contest Winners

Winners in child, teen and adult categories

To honor and celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May 2019, Palisades Neighborhood Library encouraged children, teens and adults to write and submit Haiku writing for contest. These are the winners and the poetry selected as best.

Child Category: James Shure and Margaret Rapawy
"I hit the baseball
it made everything blossom
even the people"
by James Shure
"Judgmental strangers
Your colorful modesty
My cloaked friend"
by Margaret Rapawy

Teen Category: Nils Bengtsson, Gabriela Garcia,Tamani Kingsland, Fayzan Mirza,Theodore Scribner, Casey White 

"Writer to reader,
For connecting all people,
One mind to many."
by Nils Bengtsson

"Loud boisterous voices,
Pennsylvania's marching band
Change has just begun"
by Gabriela Garcia

"Bold, sits Abraham,
Martin is in the distance,
DC's guardians."
by Tamani Kingsland
"I look upon it
What nation felt its Father
The awe, the respect"
by Fayzan Mirza

"A cold mist surrounds
The intimidated crowds
Embraced by dry plants"
by Theodore Scribner

"Submerged in the pond
The vibrant hued koi wander
There is no way home"
by Casey White

Adult Category: Jessica Roger, Alison Silvers

"Rainbows on covers
Fingers fluttering pages
Feasting eyes smiling"
by Jessica Roger
"Words and worlds collide
entire lives in my hands
every page a dream"
by Alison Silvers