From London into the Past, Part 2

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From London into the Past, Part 2

Since I took my first trip to Great Britain three years ago, I've gone back twice to see more of the country as well as London. Below are additional titles that I've enjoyed to complement my original list in 2016. Copies are available throughout the library system.

Black Tudors by Miranda Kaufmann
In this fascinating book, the author examines the lives of 10 men and women of African origin who lived in Tudor era England. They worked in various trades and professions including silk weaving, salvage diving, court musician, and more. I enjoyed reading about a lesser-known chapter in British history. Archival images and illustrations accompany the text.

What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew by Daniel Pool
If you enjoy reading novels set in 19th century England, you may be curious about customs, habits, and terms of the period. In this book, learn about public and private life, transportation, etiquette, and more. Archival images are included throughout the book. An extensive glossary of terms follows the text.

Becoming Queen Victoria by Kate Williams
This year marks Queen Victoria's 200th birthday. Two years before Victoria's birth, her cousin Princess Charlotte was a royal beloved by the British public who died shortly after childbirth. In this dual biography, the author examines how Princess Charlotte's life and death affected the British monarchy. Plates of archival images and drawings are included. Of interest, this book was first published as Becoming Queen in the UK.

Land of Giants by Max Adams
Journey back into Britain's early medieval period! In this book, the author visits cities and towns that were important in the five centuries following the collapse of the Roman Empire in a series of trips throughout Great Britain. Photos, maps and illustrations accompany the text. An interesting mix of travelogue and history!

The Time Traveler's Guide to Restoration Britain by Ian Mortimer
What was it like to live in Restoration era Britain during the late 17th century? This book is your guide to the time period! Learn about the customs, manners, people, and events of the day. The book opens with a tour of London and the British countryside. Archival images and illustrations accompany the text. The book is the third installment in the author's Time Traveler's Guide series.

At Home at Highclere by the Countess of Carnarvon
Highclere Castle has welcomed many guests and hosted social events in its long history. The author features four prominent guests who stayed at the castle during the 19th and 20th centuries and the Carnarvon family and staff. If you enjoy cooking, there are recipes of dishes served at Highclere. Color photos and archival images accompany the text.

Bonus: Finish the day with London's Afternoon Teas by Susan Cohen.