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The books that inspired our favorite binge-worthy, Netflix or Hulu streaming originals.

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
Hopefully life does not imitate art when it comes to this 2011 Margaret Atwood novel. Atwood shows us a world where church and state have combined on a massive level to replace the United States with the Republic of Gilead. Due to shockingly low birthrates, the Old Testament has officially become the law of the land, forcing women into servitude with the soul purpose of bearing children. We follow one particular handmaid "Offred" meaning "Of Fred" or belonging to Fred Waterford (her assigned Commander) who goes by June on the Hulu series. Elizabeth Moss brings "Offred" to life as she navigates this strict and dangerous new world while trying desperately to get her old life back.

To all the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han
Lara Jean has been in love a total of five times in all of her sixteen years and has a love letter for each boy to prove it. These aren't letters that she's received from crushes over the years but letters she's secretly written. The letters are kept safely tucked away in a hatbox that was given to Lara by her late mother but when the letters suddenly are mailed off to all five boys, Lara's secret beaus become very public "Oh-No's!" Now Lara has to try to intercept the letters before her crushes can get to them while also trying to figure out who spilled the beans to the boys. Played by Lana Condor, Lara shows us all what to do and more importantly what NOT to do when all of your "boyfriends in your head" become a real life headache.

Nappily Ever After by Trisha R. Thomas
Portrayed by Sanaa Lathan, Thomas introduces us to Venus Johnston, the successful doctor who seems to have it all, brains, beauty and a cute boyfriend, but everything isn't the fairy tale that it seems. Venus is growing tired of the hours of maintenance and care her hair and other aspects of her life require without very much in return. In need of a fresh start, Venus ditches the boyfriend as well as the long hair and declares her freedom to the world. After receiving mixed reactions from friends and family, Venus has to figure out how she feels about her new look and life before she can be worried about what others think of it. This leads Venus on a journey of self discovery and revelation that she did not know was possible.

Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat
Do you struggle to boil water? Is the height of your culinary ability putting together thinly sliced roasted pork with locally sourced fromage on a bed of baked grain (a ham and cheese sandwich)? Then this is the book for you. Samin Nosrat breaks down cooking to mastering four basic elements, salt, fat, acid and heat. Nosrat takes the intimidation out of cooking and makes it so that anyone from a professional chef to a professional Postmates customer can master the kitchen. Salt Fat Acid Heat teaches you how to make a number of essential meals as well as some more complex dishes and desserts as well.

Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman
The final season of OITNB is up on Netflix but before the show comes to an end, go back to the beginning and find out where our favorite cast of convicts got their start. Played by Taylor Schilling, Piper Kerman is a college educated, middle class woman who left behind the wild and crazy antics of her youth but her youthful transgressions eventually come back to bite her in the rear end. Kerman is arrested and sentenced to fifteen months in prison for carrying drug money for her boyfriend ten years prior. Kerman is thrust into the world of a women's correctional facility without a life vest and has to learn to swim on the spot. Blindsided by her mistakes from the past, Kerman must now confront the ways she thought about incarcerated women now that she is one and how to survive in the strange new world she's found herself in.