Meet (Drawings of) The Beatles

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Meet (Drawings of) The Beatles

The Beatles in graphic novels

Were you inspired by the movie Yesterday and you want to learn more about the Fab Four? Check out some of these fantastic Beatles themed graphic novels. 

The Beatles: All our Yesterdays by Jason Quinn; illustrated by Lalit Kumar Sharma
Are you a Beatles completionist? Do you love trivia about the band's early days? This book might be for you. This graphic novel starts with the births of the band members and follows them through to modern day.  However, most of the book deals with the band up to their first single, and then covers the rest in an epilogue.  The problem is, if you are someone who knows anything about how bands work, most of this book will be familiar to you. Name changes and rotating band members are just part of the deal. I guess what I'm saying is a lot of the details in the book aren't especially interesting. I appreciate the thoroughness though. Clearly Jason Quinn did his research.

Baby's in Black: Astrid Kirchherr, Stuart Sutcliffe, and the Beatles by Arne Bellstorf
Another book that focuses on the band's early days. This one centers on the romance between early Beatles bassist Stu Stutcliffe and German artist Astrid Kirchherr.  The Beatles were playing in Hamburg, Germany when Sutcliffe met Kirchherr.  They fell in love and Sutcliffe quit the band in order to stay in Germany with Astrid. Through very simple black and white illustrations, Bellstorf tells a beautiful story about art, love and heartbreak.    
The Fifth Beatle: the Brian Epstein Story by Vivek J.Tiwary; art by Andrew C. Robinson with Kyle Baker
Brian Epstein managed the Beatles from 1961 until his death in 1967.  By all accounts he played a crucial role in the band's massive success.  Paul McCartney once called him "the fifth Beatle." However, Epstein wasn't especially happy.  He was a gay man in a country where homosexuality was criminalized and his overwhelming work schedule lead to an amphetamine (and sedative) addiction.  The Fifth Beatle mostly covers Epstein's life from when he first met the Beatles until his untimely death in 1967 and it's a touching portrait of an extraordinary man.

FYI, Kanopy has a very interesting (fictional) film about the relationship between Lennon and Epstein called The Hours and Times. It's worth checking out.

The Beatles in Comics by Michels Mabel et al.
This book tells the story of the Beatles via little vignettes about the band, each illustrated by a different artist.  This is the graphic novel to read if you need a good overview of the career of the band.  Each story is told in 2-5 pages, and each comic has a page of text that gives the readers a little more background information. Some stories are better than others, but it's a good way to learn about the band in little, bite-sized chunks.

I Am Young by M. Dean
I Am Young is essentially a book of illustrated short stories about youth in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Woven throughout the book is the story of George and Miriam, two Beatles fans who met at a Beatles concert in 1965.  We follow their romance through the years (and through every Beatles milestone). It's a lovely story about how music can bring people together (but not necessarily keep them together).