Swim With The Mermaids!

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Swim With The Mermaids!

Novels to take you even further under the sea

Even though summer is over, it’s not too late to swim and splash with the mermaids!  Are you an adult or teen who loves mermaids and wants to read about them? Do you want more options other than picture books or Disney’s tale of Ariel? If so, please check out these books written for you as the audience in mind.

The Mermaid’s Daughter by Ann Claycomb 
What if the Little Mermaid in Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale had gotten married and had daughters of her own? What would have happened? Claycomb's novel attempts to answer this question. Our main character, Kathleen, has had health problems all of her life. She experiences stabbing pains in her feet as she walks. She experiences pain in her mouth that makes her want to scream and throw up. The only thing that will ease her pains is the sea. Kathleen tries to focus on her daily life, which is promising. She is a soprano who is studying opera at a top conservatory. She has the love and support of her girlfriend, Harry; her father, Robin; and her friend, Tom. She’s determined not to let anything stand in the way of the life that she has chosen. But if you don’t know who you really are, how is it a choice?

The Siren by Kierra Cass
In this YA novel, Kahlen is on a ship on the ocean with her family. Her family drowns, but in what she imagines to be the last few minutes of her life, she thinks “No! I’m not ready! I want to live!" A voice asks her “Really? (...) What would you give to stay alive?” “Anything!” Kahlen is rescued by a trio of three inhumanely lovely girls who are sirens and realizes that she too now is a siren. What is a siren? The ocean saves sirens from drowning, but in return, they owe her a hundred years of service -- and use their voices to make other people drown. After a hundred years, the sirens are allowed to be human again. Kahlen has made her peace with that until she meets Aklinli and falls in love with him. Kahlen still owes the ocean twenty years of service and the sound of her voice will make Aklini want to drown himself. What will she do?
The Mermaid’s Mirror by L.K. Madigan
Madigan's YA novel follows Lena, a sixteen-year-old girl who has always longed to go surfing. Her father refuses to allow her to take lessons, but this is the year that Lena vows to defy his authority and pursue her dreams. Inexplicably, she is drawn to the ocean to the point where she sleepwalks to the shore. Then she spots what appears to be a woman’s head above the water. Is she a mermaid? And how are mermaids connected to a mysterious mirror that belongs to her father? Further mysteries surround Lena's mother's death by drowning -- and how much her father knows. 

The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Anne Noble 
What would you do if your sister was starting to turn into a mermaid? In this children's novel, Clara confronts this question, as her sister Maren is sixteen -- and now her fingers are webbed and there are rows of pale-green scales starting at her waist. Maren must get to the ocean soon or she will die. Clara and her “almost brother” O’Neill decide that they will take Maren to the ocean to save her. However, deciding to take her to the ocean and succeeding in actually doing it are two entirely different situations. One night, their caravan catches on fire. Fortunately, they are rescued by a group of traveling performers -- or is it unfortunately? Will O’Neill and Clara get Maren to the ocean on time?
Sea Witch by Sara Henning
Have you ever wondered how the sea witch became the villain in the Little Mermaid's story? Henning's YA novel provides one answer. The story starts with a little girl named Evie. When Evie and Nik are walking along the shore beside the ocean, Nik slips on a rock and is about to fall on it and crack his head open, but Evie puts herself between the rock and Nik. She almost kills herself in the process. However, Evie’s mother is a powerful witch and healer and she saves Evie’s life by speaking the words to an ancient spell. Unfortunately, the ancient spell requires somebody to lose their life for somebody to live, so Evie’s mother dies. Evie is a witch as well, but she must hide that fact because witches are hunted and killed in her village in Denmark. One day, Evie and her friends, Anna, Iker, and Nik are out swimming and Anna is drowning. In a final desperate attempt to save her friend, Evie decides to recite the last spell that her mother ever cast. But it doesn’t work. Or does it? Later in the story, a beautiful mermaid appears whose name is Annemette. She looks so much like Anna that Evie thinks her magic may have worked and Anna has come back to her. But is Annemette who she seems to be?