The Evening Star author talk with Faye Haskins

Georgetown Library

The Evening Star author talk with Faye Haskins

Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019, 1 p.m.

The Washington Evening Star was among the top ten newspapers in the country, starting before the Civil War and ending its run during the Reagan presidency. Learn about what went on behind the scenes of this historic paper from Faye Haskins, former Archivist and Photo Librarian at DC Public Library Special Collections. Haskins' book, The Evening Star: the Rise and Fall of a Great American Newsaper, includes insight on the editorial decisions behind the coverage, including controversial decisions on race relations, D.C. politics and 129 years of national politics. 

This talk will be held in the Peabody Room on the top floor of the Georgetown Library. 

You can read from the Washington Evening Star online with a DC Public Library card, or visit Washingtoniana to view books and our archival collection on the Washington Evening Star. Learn more on how to use these resources at Research 101 on Nov. 20.