Ori Soltes Spring 2020

West End Library

Ori Soltes Spring 2020

The West End Library Friends Present:
The 2020 Ori Soltes Classical Book Discussion Series

Literature Transformed: From Books to Film

This series of the Friends of the West End Library will have as its focus important or interesting (or both) works of literature that have been turned into films over the past several decades. How does that process of transformation play out? What are the differences between the two media—one on the written page and the other on the silver screen? How do these differences necessitate changes in the way in which a story is presented—but without losing the essence of the narrative? Do the criteria of maintaining and transforming a story change depending upon the nature of the work of literaturenot only in terms of, say, novel versus play, but when the subject focus of the book is historical, philosophical, art historical, musical? Consider, then, the multiple forms of art expression that are engaged in the written original and its cinematic counterpartwhat, exactly, is going on during this engagement?  How are we as viewers to sensibly interpret the narrative work as a whole?

We will read, discuss and watch a few key snippets of film in each case. The written material will be available at the front desk of the West End Library. A limited selection of film titles from the series will be available for check out, as well. Please join us. 

The lectures will take place on the following dates:

Jan. 22: The Iliad and the movie Troy (2004)—with Brad Pitt as Akhilleus
Feb. 26: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the Franco Zeffirelli (1968) film version
March 25: Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice and the Lucino Viscounti (1971) film version with Dirk Bogarde
April 22: Goldfinch (2019)
May 27: Tolkien’s The Hobbit and its Extended Cinematic Reflex (2012-14), which includes The Unexpected C

Please come prepared for engaging lectures and conversation led by acclaimed professor Ori Soltes, who will return to the West End Neighborhood Library to continue this ongoing series, much to the delight of area residents and library patrons.

Please see library staff for assistance with the reading materials, which are available upon request.
All gatherings are from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the West End Library Conference Room or Large Meeting Room.

About the Lecturer
Ori Z Soltes has spent a lifetime wrestling with questions that resonate through the history of the human experience. His dynamic teaching, lecturing, curating and writing reflect a broad series of interests and a unique ability to combine them in unusual ways that are thought-provoking and both challenging and intellectually exciting.
He currently teaches theology, philosophy and art history at Georgetown University. He has also taught across diverse disciplines for many years at The Johns Hopkins University, Cleveland State University, Case Western Reserve University, Siegel College in Cleveland, and other colleges and universities.
Dr. Soltes has lectured at dozens of museums across the country, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Institution, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.