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New Baby Books

introducing a sibling to a new baby

It can be hard to become a new sibling. You used to be the center of attention, but now there's this new loud crying tiny thing taking up your parents attention. Luckily, there are lots of books out there to help explain to new big siblings how to help and why that new baby isn't so bad after all. My colleague Abby made a list last year, but there are tons of books on this topic so I wanted to share some of my favorites as well!

Ready, Set… Baby! By Elizabeth Rusch
This picture book details some of the things new big siblings need to know about the new baby, like that they’ll have to wait a long time for the baby to actually be born and that the baby won’t be able to talk but will have a surprisingly strong grip. Told from the perspective of two older siblings, this informative book provides thoughtful and kid-friendly advice in an upbeat tone. Cartoon-like illustrations join the text, and the end includes some recommended websites and books with more tips.

Poor Louie! by Tony Fucile
Not all new siblings are people. Louie is a pampered pooch who is used to being the apple of his family's life. But Louie comes to learn that the new baby doesn't mean he'll be loved less, and maybe he'll even have a new friend!

Little Big Girl by Claire Keane
Matisse is used to being little in a big world. But when her new brother arrives, she realizes that she is actually big and as a big girl, has a big job - helper. She can help by giving up her old clothes and playing together, and exploring the big world together. Keane comes from a family of illustrators and animators, and kids will like her bold, newspaper comic-like artwork.

Wolfie the Bunny by Ame Dyckman
Dot the Bunny’s family adopts a baby wolf and Dot is convinced the wolf is going to eat her. At the end, she realizes that Wolfie loves her and protects him. This book is funny, as well as a nice metaphor for the rivalry that can happen when a new baby comes.

Monkey: Not Ready for the Baby by Marc Brown
As the title makes clear, Monkey does not want to be a big brother and thinks he's not ready. But Monkey's mom and dad do tasks real parents can replicate to make their child feel comfortable and ready: showing pictures of themselves as babies, letting the sibling feel the baby kick, and putting the crib together as a family. By the end, Monkey is excited and ready to hold the baby. This book is particularly appealing because children may already be familiar with the author's style, from his well known Arthur books.

Ninja Baby by David Zeltser
Nina has always been an independent ninja - karate-chopping the doctor, obliterating her applesauce. She can do everything herself. But when her parents have a new baby, she meets her match. The new Kung Fu Master captivates everyone! Perhaps Nina can learn to join forces with the new baby so that everyone can be happy together.

How to Grow a Dinosaur by Jill Esbaum
Good news! A baby’s joining the household! Bad News! They don’t do anything on their own! Or is that good news, because you, the big sibling, can teach them? You can teach them how to walk and play and help and be a generally good dinosaur. This vibrant picture book makes being a new big sibling sound like fun.

I Used to be the Baby by Robin Ballard
This simple picture book describes some of the differences between the new baby and the big brother. The baby can’t understand TV, can’t play in the sand, and rips paper books, while the big brother is more capable. The end reassures the older sibling that even though there is a new baby, he is still his parent’s baby too.

I am a Big Brother!/ I am a Big Sister! By Caroline Church
These sweet brightly colored board books are a good introduction to some of the changes a new baby may bring to the routines of a slightly older sibling. It describes ways to help like fetching things the baby needs and being quiet while the baby naps. While inappropriate for a much older new sibling, this is a great book for a toddler about to become a sibling.

A Most Unusual Day by Sydra Mallery
This new baby book is different from the other new baby books I’ve described because it talks about welcoming a new adopted sibling into the household. Today, Caroline is different. She’s usually on time and organized and on routine, but today she just can’t pay attention, because it’s an unusual day. She waits and waits for the end of the day and when she comes home there she is – a new baby sister. Soft, flowing drawing compliment Caroline’s disorganized day, and readers will appreciate the joy Caroline’s entire family feels about their new arrival.