Ask Us About the 2020 Census

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Ask Us About the 2020 Census

DC Census Ambassadors at Tenley Library

Once every decade, the federal government conducts a census of the entire population to count everyone in the United States and record basic information about them. In other words, every 10 years all of us #GetCounted.  

Data from the U.S. Census directly determines the amount of Federal funding; thus it impacts schools, businesses, transportation, infrastructure, healthcare and overall social equity in the District. However, in 2010, D.C. was the second most undercounted city* in the nation. In 2020, we have an opportunity and civic responsibility to correct this record and #GetCountedDC

On April 1, ALL D.C. residents (regardless of their age, sexual orientation, employment, home ownership status, citizenship status, or any other characteristic) will have three ways to respond to the census: online, by phone, or by mail. 

If you have questions about the process, data safety, or want to learn how to avoid potential scams and fraud, ask us about the 2020 Census. Tenley Library has two DC Census Ambassadors available for your inquiry. Starting March 19, we'll facilitate a weekly 2020 Census Help ClinicReach us at 202-727-1225 or (subject line 2020 Census question). More information is available at

*City is defined by a population of more than half a million residents