Hold Up! Wait a Minute!

Chevy Chase Library

Hold Up! Wait a Minute!

...or several minutes. Books you put on hold in 2019 that you are likely STILL waiting for.

Becoming by Michelle Obama
In her captivating memoir, Michelle Obama invites us into her world. The former First Lady of the United States makes you forget you are reading the words of one of the most influential women in history and instead makes you feel like you are sitting on the couch just talking to an old friend. Michelle Obama chronicles her humble beginnings growing up on the south side of Chicago, well before her life in the White House and everything in between. Split into three sections, “Becoming Me,” “Becoming Us” and “Becoming More” Michelle Obama opens up and shares her experiences, her hopes and fears as she transitions back to as normal a life as one can have after being first lady. Full of words of encouragement and wisdom (and adorable pictures of a chubby-cheeked young Michelle Obama), Becoming reads like a warm hug and a pat on the head from your mom after a long day.   

Educated by Tara Westover
Tara Westover spent her childhood working the family farm, exploring the mountains and honing her survival skills in her strict Mormon household in Idaho. She did not receive a formal education until she was almost legally an adult. After teaching herself math and grammar for a while, Westover is accepted into Brigham Young University and goes on to receive several more degrees after that. Westover struggles with how to maintain these two completely different worlds she’s found herself in, the world of academia and the radical, religious world of her parents. How can she reconcile the fact that her parents loved her but kept her shielded from so much? Educated is a coming of age tale that searches for an answer to the age old question, can you go home again?

The Testaments by Margaret Atwood
Margaret Atwood is back with her highly anticipated sequel to her best seller, The Handmaid’s Tale. Gilead, though still in power, is not quite the unbreakable institution that it once was. There are a few cracks in the system. Testaments follows the stories of two women who have come of age as Gilead was at its most powerful and another woman who has seen firsthand the horrors, the failings and the triumphs of Gilead, Aunt Lydia. Put on your red cloak and white wings and delve back into the strange and scary world of Gilead.

Where the Crawdad Sings by Delia Owens
Known as “Marsh Girl” in the nearby town, Kya Clark is thought of as some sort of freak by those who don’t understand her. Kya lives alone in a small shack in the middle of the marsh after being abandoned by her entire family. Because of her isolation and strange habits, when local heartthrob and high school quarterback, Chase Andrews is found dead, Kya is the prime suspect. Is Kya the savage and untamable wild woman that the town thinks she is or is this all a misunderstanding? Where the Crawdad Sings moves seamlessly from the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and the cold and sterile world Kya finds herself in as she fights to prove her innocence.  

The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Hiram Walker was born into slavery, his mother was sold away when he was nine and with her absence went every memory he had of her. Hiram later discovers that he was given a supernatural gift, the gift of “conduction” as it is called in the book, a power also possessed by the likes of Harriet Tubman. With this gift, Hiram can fold the earth “like fabric” and transport himself and others across great distances in the water but there is one problem, he can only tap into this gift by channeling powerful emotions like the memory of his mother. Can Hiram control his power and tap into his emotions and the memory of his mother well enough to escape from bondage? Can he save others from bondage? The Water Dancer tells the story of those who were stripped of everything and lengths the are willing to go to get it back.