Reality TV Tell-Alls

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Reality TV Tell-Alls

Every time a celebrity releases a new memoir the internet is filled with news articles about the revelations they make within the pages: affairs, addictions, abuse, anything you can thing of. These memoirs get gobbled up, and if you've been a long-time fan of that individual or the reality TV show they hail from, you're destined to learn a lot from these memoirs. They don't call them "tell-alls" for nothing. Whether you prefer the Bachelor, the Real Housewives, the Home and Garden Television Network, or some combination of the above, we've got it all. 

If you love reality TV, gossip-filled memoirs and stories too true to handle, these memoirs are what you need to read next. 

Over the top: A Raw Journey to Self-love by Jonathan Van Ness
If you love Queer Eye, you have to read Jonathan Van Ness's heartwarming but also heartbreaking memoir about his troubled youth, the bullying he faced, and his journey to Queer Eye via many, many hair salons. The book has a lot of dark times in it, but you are carried through by Van Ness's signature humor and spunk. 

Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and Hope by Karamo Brown
Another Queer Eye pick: Culture guru Karamo Brown reveals his upbringing, his struggle with drugs, and how he became a father in this well-written memoir. Brown is whip-smart with his on-screen therapeutic moments, and takes the same route in his own life, looking back on his journey with wise eyes. 

Pretty Mess by Erika Jayne
If you know the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you know Erika Jayne. In this explosively-covered memoir, the reality star isn't afraid to spill her secrets, talk about how she became eponymous, and dive into the details of her marriage to a man over thirty years her senior. Beginning with her stage debut at the age of 5, Erika Jane truly covers it all in this 2018 memoir. 

Single State of Mind by Andi Dorfman
Bachelor fans will remember fan favorite Andi Dorfman, but in this second book, she really dives into who she has become post-Bachelor Nation. This includes moving to NYC, watching her ex get engaged on Bachelor in Paradise, and exploring the idea of being a "celebrity" from reality TV. While the book isn't all about her time on the Bachelor, it's truly a reality TV tell all from someone who survived it. 

Standing Strong by Teresa Guidice
Notorious New Jersey housewife Teresa Guidice has authored several books. Her 2017 one is quite the doozy--it details her life post prison, struggling as a single mother in the spotlight, and losing her mother. Guidice is brutally honest about the struggles she is facing but still as loud as ever in this memoir, which is an even more interesting book to read now that her situation has played out a little bit more. 

It Takes Two: Our Story by Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott
HGTV fans know the Scott brothers well, but there's more to learn in this memoir that doesn't go too deep but introduces you to new facets of the Brothers' lives. This is the perfect memoir if you're wondering just how odd they are off-screen, or you want to read about something other than home renovation techniques from people best known for working in that field. It's a tell-all in that it reveals a lot of childhood stuff, but not too many on-set secrets. 

The Vegas Diaries: Romance, Rolling the Dice, and the Road to Reinvention by Holly Madison
Remember the reality TV show set in the Playboy Mansion? Holly Madison was a prime star of it all, always on the arm of Hugh Hefner. Written after leaving the mansion, Madison details her transition back to the real world, if you can call Las Vegas the real world, and her attempts to make a new life for herself--which ultimately led her back to reality TV. This is a whirlwind memoir about the bright skies of Vegas, the darkness of the dating scene there, and it's full of Madison's well-observed humor.