Hot Reads for a Cold Night

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Hot Reads for a Cold Night

Sizzling books on romance

Romance is an experience that many can say they have encountered a time or two in their life. Let’s face it, as much as you may not want to admit it we all need a little love to shine in our lives and just in time for Valentine’s Day and as the temperature continues to drop, take the time to curl up with one of these steamy novels!  

The Wedding Party by Jasmine Guillory
 Maddie and Theo share true disdain for one another, but they have to work together because their best friend is getting married! One night an “oops, what have we done!” situation occurs between them. Underneath the daggers they throw and the sarcasm they speak to one another there lies a simmering attraction that just won’t go away! Over time tension builds from the mere thought of their first rendezvous until they sneak off again, with Alexa their mutual BFF being none the wiser. They both agree that after the wedding whatever they have going on will end, but when the wedding date is suddenly pushed up and 8 months become 3 months left of secret meet-ups, they find themselves regretting that soon it will all come to an end. They begin to question can two people so different actually have a connection pass the physical? 

Bared to You by Sylvia Day
This is a book about obsession, abandonment, desire and lust. A sizzling yet thought provoking read. Introducing Eva and Gideon, two people who are broken in some way yet in their weakness they find each other, can they do the necessary work to become whole people for one another or will their past traumas create more of a problem for them collectively and individually? Eva also has this question looming in her mind “Is it possible for two abuse survivors to have a functional romantic relationship?” –Eva Tramell

Fifty Shades Trilogy Bundle by E.L. James
This trilogy includes book #1 Fifty Shades of Grey, book #2 Fifty shades Darker, and book #3 Fifty shades Freed. All three books center around Anastasia Steele (Ana) and Christian Grey. College student Ana goes in to interview Christian a wealthy and very attractive entrepreneur, although she is not as worldly as Christian she finds herself very attracted to him and she later finds out he has a mutual attraction as well. Things begin to heat up between the two but on Christian’s terms. Ana finds out Christians secrets and wants to explore her own desires after her discovery. The second book focuses on the relationship and its downfall, but Ana’s desires for Christian still consumes her. They eventually rekindle this fiery affair and into book three they are well into their relationship full of wealth, passion and a world of possibilities at their feet. But just when it seems their love for one another will be enough they are hit with things that will threaten their life together. Will Ana’s worst nightmare’s become reality?

Another Time, Another Place by Zane
This book contains five steamy short stories that take readers on a tour through history planting the readers in various eras of time, from the times Pharaoh’s rule to love that transpire during the Vietnam War to a future world of technology that has transformed the way we think of love and love making. The concept of romance and love is examined throughout the visions of people during historical times. Take a journey with the author as she takes you to Another Time, Another Place!

Beautiful Bastard by Lauren, Christina
Chole Mills is a hardworking graduate with a MBA; she’s going places but she has one problem, her boss Bennett Ryan. Bennett is a blunt, inconsiderate loud mouth who Chole finds completely irresistible. Chole is Bennett’s assistant and he’s willing to break all the rules if it means he can have her. As their desire for each other grows, are they willing to lose it all to be with each other?