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Reading About Writing

Elevating your writing skills while appreciating the craft

Everyone’s a writer. Whether you write novels for a living or grocery lists at home, if you communicate through the written are, indeed, a writer.  But do you need a little help?  Are you interested in exploring the craft? Guess what? We have books for that! Let's read about writing. 

What Editors Do: The Art, Craft & Business of Book Editing  edited by Peter Ginna
This is one of my favorites, partly, because it features an amazing piece by editor Chris Jackson called, “Widening the Gates: Why Publishing Needs Diversity." So good! What Editors Do explores the "art, craft, & business" of book editing through the lens of 26 notable editors.Through essays, readers gain access to what editing is and what publishing looks like. Though this piece highlights book editing, What Editors Do is a great read for ANY content process. If you’re an aspiring editor or just fascinated with how publishing works, you may have found your next read.

By the Book: Writers on Literature and the Literary Life from The New York Times Book Review edited by Pamela Paul

Do you enjoy connecting with others? Do you love when they have similar interests? Well, By the Book has you covered. This read, which derives from the New York Times column of the same name, is where “authors and other notable people discuss their lives as readers.” From Neil deGrasse Tyson to Elizabeth Gilbert, here, you get the chance to explore the reader experience through the eyes of other famous readers. A great read for a lazy Sunday. 

The Word: Black Writers Talk About the Transformative Power of Reading and Writing edited by Marita Golden
“Without the ability to write a coherent outline of our desires, they remain wishful thinking.” - Marita Golden
Reading helps us to escape and flourish. Writing does the same. The Word is an exceptional exploration of how transformative literacy can be. Through interviews with influential Black writers like J. California Cooper and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, this book visits and revisits the impact of reading and writing. If you're in the mood to celebrate literacy, this is for you. 

How to Write Anything: A Complete Guide by Laura Brown
There’s a chance you’ve written something today. Did you need a little help? Whether it's an email, an Instagram post, or even a love letter (oooh), How to Write Anything provides you with a slew of examples on how to write...anything. Don’t wreck your brain over that newsletter. Check out this book and take it from here. 

Words for the Wedding: Creative Ideas for Personalizing Your Vows, Toasts, Invitations and More by Wendy Paris and Andrew Chesler
Wedding season is near, and you couldn't be more excited.  Whether you’re the best man, the mother of the bride, or just an old friend, words CAN explain how much this moment means to you. Words for the Wedding is a collection of vows, toasts and other speeches that connects you to the right words for the right occasion.  Already know what you’re going to say? Perfect. Use this book for next time.