The Future is Female

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The Future is Female

Contemporary fiction with strong female characters

Women are amazing. Their is no limit to their abilities. One needs not to be afraid of the future so long as women will be there. Read these novels to find out how these female protagonists reflect, react and sometimes even rebuild in the wake of numerous challenges.

Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi
Ifemelu leaves home in Nigeria to experience life in America. What once was the dream for both her and the love of her life Obinze becomes a reality only for her. Although she is educated and possesses all the qualities needed to be successful, she soon finds out how difficult it truly is to be a black woman in America. Read to find out how she overcomes obstacles in life and love.

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams
Queenie's current life situation is not ideal. She does not care for what she is told to report on at her newspaper job, she is newly single, broken-up from her long term boyfriend and is struggling to balance her different types of friendships. Read to find out what new behaviors she begins to explore and how they ultimately effect the different areas of her life.

The Untelling by Tayari Jones 
Aria experiences a horrible car accident that takes the lives of her father and baby sister and leaves her and her older sister with their struggling mother. She manages to survive her childhood but soon realizes that life is still far from easy. After learning something new about herself, she has to decide between keeping her secret or sharing her truth with the ones she loves. Read to find out if the truth is worth telling.

What We Lose by Zinzi Clemmons
It may cross our mind but we never fully realize what can happen when we lose a parent. Losing her mother to cancer leaves Thandi in a place she never would have imagined. She has her father and a significant other who she attempts to cling to with no luck. Read to find out how she navigates life after losing one of the people who helped her become the person she is.

Hasley Street by Naima Coster
Shortcomings in her career and a sick father lead Penelope back to Brooklyn. Gentrification leaves little of the Brooklyn that she knew growing up. Just as it begins to feel like home and family again, her mother who abandoned the family to go back to the Dominican Republic reaches out in the hopes of being forgiven and reuniting with her. Read to find out if Penelope chooses to reopen old wounds.

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