Jane Austen's "Emma" on Screen

Takoma Park Library

Jane Austen's "Emma" on Screen

Opens in theaters March 6

In Emma by Jane Austen, a wealthy, young woman named Emma Woodhouse believes herself to be a matchmaker and attempts to "fix" the lives of those around her. When her plans don't go as expected, Emma is forced to think about her actions.
Emma was published in late 1815 and had a dedication to the Prince Regent. (Her publisher printed 1816 on the title page) It would be the final novel that Miss Austen would see published before her death in 1816.

The novel has been adapted for stage and screen numerous times. Now, a new version is coming to theaters. For your viewing pleasure, two previous film adaptations of Emma are available on DVD from the library system.

Copies of Emma are available to check out and download from the library.

The new adaptation of Emma opens in theaters nationwide March 6.