Shake it up! : Stay Home & STAR

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Shake it up! : Stay Home & STAR

Sing, Talk & Read with Young Children

Items Needed:

  • Acorns, pebbles, or marbles (warning: choking hazard)

  • Tupperware container with well-fitting lid

  • Washable Paint

  • Pieces of blank scratch paper

What to do:

  • Put a piece of paper on the bottom of the tupperware container (cut or fold the paper so it lays flat if necessary)

  • Squirt a little paint on a paper towel or piece of wax paper

  • Give your child the acorn (or pebble or marble)- be careful they do not put it in their mouth

  • Help them to dip the acorn in the paint then put it inside the tupperware container

  • Close the lid securely and give the container to your child

  • Let them shake the container 

  • When they’re done shaking open the container and take out the paper

  • Repeat with different colors/materials!

Early Literacy Tips:

  • Sing a song with your child while they shake the container

  • Encourage them to explore how different colors of paint mix together