Escape to an emotional read!

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Escape to an emotional read!

Books that make you cry and laugh out loud.

The list of books below has a combination of genres such as contemporary fiction, romance and erotica. Giving proof that you do not need to focus on one specific genre (fantasy) to escape through books. These are all books that I have read and while reading them I found myself laughing out loud, crying, or clutching my pearls. I hope that if you are in need of an emotionally draining book you find one that fits you within this list!

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
A Little Life is a contemporary fiction novel in which the author has us follow a group of four friends from college. This book for me was the first and to date only time that I have cried while reading a book. The emotions that Yanagihara is able to pull out of you while you uncover more about these four fractured souls are astounding. I found that while I was reading if the characters were happy, I was happy but if they were sad I was sad. This novel is not for everyone since it does hit on a lot of very serious issues that these men suffer in their lives. Though I can guarantee you that if you take the time to read this lengthy novel you will not be the same person afterward.

10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston
10 Blind Dates is a young adult romance novel in which we follow a girl, Sophie, in her quest for finding love. Sophie thought that she and her boyfriend belonged together until she overheard him saying he wanted a break. She escapes to her grandparent's house where her extended family always gathers to celebrate Christmas! Her romantic grandmother hatches a plan with the rest of the family to set Sophie up on ten blind dates during the Christmas holiday break to keep her mind off her ex. What started off as innocent and cute fun turns into more as soon as she opens herself up. This book made me laugh and commemorate based on the interactions displayed within her big family.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
The Hate U Give is a contemporary young adult novel where you follow a teenage girl, Starr, after seeing her best friend, Khalil, killed. Angie Thomas does an excellent job of having Starr narrate a world and situations that are very much real for many people within the United States today. Since Khalil appeared to be a gang member it is spun that he caused the police officer to shoot him while unarmed while Starr's testimony gets questioned because of her family history and the fact that she's black. Starr has to not only deal with trying to live in a neighborhood that has racial conflicts and gang conflicts daily along with going to school where she is one of the only people of color. This book forces you to feel so much sadness for Starr, Khalil and their families that you may just cry it out.

Red, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
Red, White, and Royal Blue is a contemporary adult queer romance novel where you follow the President of the United States son and the Prince from Whales fall in love! This book did so many things right and honestly nothing wrong it's insane, especially for it being a haters to lovers story line. McQuiston was able to capture not only what I would picture to be the realities of when drama is created between two politically famous individuals but also the slow realization of your sexual identity. While reading this book you will swoon over the chemistry between these two men, cry over the hardships they must face, and laugh over some of the interactions presented. Though not every single hardship was resolved in a way that could be understood as "perfect", they were all resolved or perpetuated in a very realistic manner.

Beautiful Secret (Beautiful Bastard #4) by Christina Lauren 
This is the only book that in this list that is in the middle of a series because to me it was that good and you can read these out of order and not be confused. The Beautiful Bastard series by Christina Lauren is an adult erotica series in which a group of friends all find their way into a relationship in the strangest but greatest manner. In this particular book, we follow Niall Stella who is an executive at an engineering firm. Niall has recently separated from his wife and seems to be colder towards everybody in the office because of that. Well, that is until Niall turns his head in the meeting and sees Ruby Miller for the first time. From that point onward we follow their romance as they are forced to travel across the Atlantic Ocean towards the United States together. This book made me not only laugh but I laughed so hard I started crying! These two banter in a way that is just funny to me and there is a scene in the airplane that I can't wait to re-read!