DIY Face Mask

DIY Face Mask

Collect your fabric, prepare the needle and thread, and create your own face mask with this step-by-step guide.



  • 1 8.5”x16” piece of fabric
    • When you’re choosing your fabric, be sure to pick something that you can’t see through when you fold it in half. The weave is part of what makes these effective. This piece is the main body of the mask.
  • 4 1.75”x18” ties
    • If you’re making your own, these are the dimension to cut them. You can also use bias tape, twill tape, or flat shoelaces. The important thing is that you can sanitize ties at the same temperature as your mask, so they hold up longer to repeated washings/sanitizing.
  • (Optional) 6” piece of flexible wire
    • This can be a pipe cleaner, copper wire, a recycled paper clip - anything you can get your hands on. This helps the mask mold to your face and prevents glasses from fogging up.


  • Needle + thread or sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins or clips to hold fabric in place
    • If you don’t have pins, paper clips, safety pins, or binder clips will work just fine.
For a bit more guidance, check out this free pattern from Sarah Maker.

No needle and thread available? Try this easy to make no-sew option.