Spotlight on Jason Reynolds

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Spotlight on Jason Reynolds

Are you interested in learning how to write? If so, you might be interested in the Grab the Mic initiative presented by Jason Reynolds at the Library of Congress. In this series, Jason Reynolds will talk to young people directly and present various activities to help build your creativity. Jason Reynolds writes books and poetry for young adult and middle grade audiences, but his compelling stories and singular style make his titles appealing for older readers as well.

If you’re interested in reading works by Jason Reynolds, DC Public Library has eBooks and audiobooks available for download on OverDrive. If you haven’t already, please be sure to check out the Libby app to read on the go with your phone or tablet. 

Begin to explore the following titles on your computer, tablet or phone today.

Look Both Ways
Ten people each walk a separate block home after leaving school. Walk along with them in their lives and experience their triumphs and trials with them. 

Miles Morales
What would you do if you suddenly found out you are Spider Man? Read Miles Morales to find out.

Long Way Down
Is revenge the right way to go? Find out by reading Long Way Down.

Castle Cranshaw (Ghost) is a fast sprinter who has a chance to participate in the Junior Olympics. Will Ghost be able to make peace with his past to achieve his goal? If you’re interested in reading about Ghost’s teammates on the running team, make sure you read Patina, Sunny, and Lu.

As Brave As You
Genie and Ernie leave Brooklyn to spend time with their grandparents in Virginia. Their grandfather is blind and Genie is impressed with all that his grandfather can still do. His grandfather can still match his clothes and cook with a gas stove. When Ernie turns fourteen, his grandfather wants to teach Ernie how to shoot a gun. However, Ernie has no interest in learning how to shoot. 

The Boy in the Black Suit
While Matt’s father is drinking whiskey, Matt is making fifteen dollars an hour working at a funeral home. That’s the only good thing in his life though until he meets Lovey, a girl who has been through more than he has. 

When I Was the Greatest
Ali does his best to stay out of trouble and away from guns and drugs. But his best friend Noodles is always looking for trouble and Noodle’s brother, Needles, has a syndrome, gets ticks, and blurts out the wildest things. Everything is fine until they are out of their neighborhood and find that the people there aren’t friendly or forgiving.