24 Hours of Audiobooks

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24 Hours of Audiobooks

Audiobooks that will keep you occupied

No matter the reason for finding yourself with a lot of time on your hands, there are many ways to make the best of it. One of those ways is by diving into a super long book on audio. All of these books are not only critically acclaimed, but they’ll also take you more than a day to listen to. That’s right, each of these audiobooks clocks in at over 24 hours long, so you won’t find yourself without something to read and listen to for quite a bit. Plus, you’ll be reading some of the best books that everyone recommends! 

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
If you find yourself with 33 hours on your hand and a desire to dive into some classic Russian literature, Anna Karenina is the perfect remedy. This timeless story of a rebellious wife, her boring husband, and the man that changes everything will draw you in and won’t let you go. 

The Little Friend by Donna Tartt
Donna Tartt is known for her long, but enchanting, novels. In this second book, she explores childhood, innocence, and what evil means. Set in a small town in Mississippi, this nearly 26 hour audiobook is perfect for readers who like true crime, unsolved murders, and literature.

Grant by Ron Chernow
If you love history and doing an in-depth dive into a historical figure, check out this latest book by Hamilton biographer Ron Chernow. The esteemed Union general turned president is the focal point of this audiobook which runs over 48 hours. Chernow always brings history to life, and this book is no exception. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling
Longtime Harry Potter fans often throw themselves back into the series at random, picking up to read a few of their favorite chapters, explore beloved characters, or find comfort. All of the books provide a great opportunity for that, and the fifth book, when things really start to get dark, is 27 hours long. 

The Stand by Stephen King
Master of horror Stephen King is also the master of long books, and The Stand, his classic about the end of the world, clocks in at over 47 hours. If you like the apocalypse, dystopian heroes, and devoting yourself to a HUGE story, consider this uncut edition of King’s 1987 novel. 

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
If you love a compelling story that all begins with an ancient book, you’ll love this 26 hour audiobook adventure that attempts to find the answer to “Who Was Vlad the Impaler?” Facts meets fantasy, modern adventures meets ancient myth, and this book will draw you in for far more than one day!