Reign Like Victoria, Part 2

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Reign Like Victoria, Part 2

More strong teen queens who rule

I've enjoyed the historical drama series Victoria on PBS, telling the story of Queen Victoria's early years on the throne. To follow up on my previous list of young Queens coming to the throne in a fantasy kingdom or an alternate historical timeline, below are a selection of similar titles I've more recently enjoyed.

While their circumstances differ from Victoria's, each of the young Queens in the following titles learn what it means to rule and face challenges as Victoria did. All of these titles are available to download from OverDrive.

Long May She Reign by Rhiannon Thomas
As distant cousin of the King, Freya is used to being overlooked and prefers to be working in her laboratory. During a banquet, the royal family and court are poisoned, making Freya the new Queen in an evening. She finds out royal council wants to control her and the nobility doesn't trust her. Freya is determined to discover the murderer, and her lab skills are handy to the investigation. Help comes from an unlikely ally in the royal court. I enjoyed this novel about an unlikely young royal with STEM skills proving she can rule her kingdom.

Deathcaster by Cinda Williams Chima
In the finale of the Shattered Realms series, Alyssa (who goes by Lyss) is planning to escape Empress Celestine's clutches while training an army against her homeland the Queendom of Fellsmarch. Spymaster Destin Karn, who has a hidden agenda, is the best hope for the queendom. The novel follows multiple characters in a thrilling, page-turning pace. Lyss successfully escapes and reunites with her mother Queen Raisa. Together they uncover a plot in Fellsmarch Castle years in the making. I enjoyed this well-written series from the beginning and the journey with Lyss and her friends along the way. For newcomers to the series, I recommend reading the prequel Seven Realms series first.

Five Dark Fates by Kendare Blake
Three young sisters -- Katherine, Mirabella, and Arsinoe -- have been raised to compete for the crown. Each of them have different gifts. After a fateful ceremony, events within the Kingdom of Fennbirn have changed them and their relationship with each other. As the novel opens, Katherine is safe as Queen -- for the moment. Mirabella and Arsinoe face challenges on their own after a failed rebellion. Secrets related to the history of Fennbirn are uncovered, leading to a battle to determine the future of the kingdom. Which Queen will be left standing at the end of the Three Dark Crown series? A dark and imaginative read!  

The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black 
A dramatic conclusion to the Folk of the Air trilogy! Kicked out of the Faerie Kingdom, Jude is back home with her family in our contemporary world. The wicked young King Cardan betrayed Jude for great power. When Jude's twin sister Taryn asks for help, she agrees to return as Taryn to Elfhame. The disguise appears to work when Jude appears before King Cardan. She also discovers there's a war brewing. When a powerful curse breaks out, it's up to Jude to lead the fight to stop it. 

Ember Queen by Laura Sebastian
Young Princess Theodora has gone from a prisoner to a Queen fighting to reclaim her mother's throne. As the finale of the Ash Princess trilogy begins, Theo (as she prefers to be called) is at head of an army of misfits against the powerful new Kaiserin. Prinz Soren, Theo's love interest, is being held hostage by the Kaiserin. With the help of her friends and allies, Theo successfully frees her people from slavery and learns to use her own power. She also doesn't forget her mother's legacy. Long live Queen Theodora of Astrea!

Finally, if you're more interested in reading about Victoria's life, check out the outstanding biography Victoria the Queen by Julia Baird.