Staff Quick Picks: Novels of Love and Faith

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Staff Quick Picks: Novels of Love and Faith

Secret missions, hidden treasure in an empty English country house, and a royal romance--here are three novels by award-winning Christin fiction authors I've enjoyed reading. These novels are available on Overdrive.

Against the Tide by Elizabeth Camden
In 1891 Boston, Lydia Pallas is a skilled translator working for the U.S. Navy and a trusted assistant to an admiral. Her skills come to the attention of Lieutenant Alexander Bane, a mysterious young man working to disrupt the opium trade. As the two work together, Bane (as he prefers to be called) becomes fond of Lydia despite himself. Their mission takes a dangerous turn, leading to a confrontation with a man from Bane's past. I enjoyed this well-reached novel and a trip through the streets of Boston. A historical note and bonus content follows the text.

The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen
Abigail Foster and her father must move to a more affordable home after financial problems. A solicitor (lawyer in British speak) offers them Pembrooke Park, a vacant house for many years, once owned by a distant relative of Mr. Foster. When the Fosters arrive, they find the house in need of major repairs. They also are warned of trespassers seeking treasures rumored to be hidden in the house. As Abigail begins to search for the treasure, she discovers she isn't the only one looking. Secrets come to light about the house, revealing what really happened all those years ago. If you're a fan of Jane Austen, there's a nod to her in the story!

How to Catch a Prince by Rachel Hauck
American heiress Corina del Rey is a journalist for a major newspaper. She's reinvented her life after her brother's death and hopes to advance her career. Prince Stephen of Brighton is an eligible royal and former veteran. One morning, his older brother Nathaniel brings him a forgotten document from Stephen's past and asks him to do the right thing. Stephen heads to the U.S. and finds Corina. It's been five years since they've seen each other. Together they work to rebuild their relationship and come to terms with secrets from their past.  A sweet, contemporary royal romance! This novel is the third installment in The Royal Wedding series.