Cinco de Mayo

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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

 Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday celebrated on the fifth day of May each year.

You can't go out to celebrate this year, but you can celebrate at home! You can make maracas and a piñata using household items.

To make maracas, take plastic water bottles and fill them with whatever you happen to have: buttons, rice or beans. If you don't have plastic water bottles, you can use toilet paper rolls. Just seal each end of the toilet paper roll with duct tape.

To decorate your plastic water bottle maracas, you can use wrapping paper or duct tape. To decorate your toilet paper roll maracas, you can draw on it or paint it. You can even make maracas out of plastic cups! Just put beans, rice or buttons in one of the plastic cups. Hot glue the two plastic cups together. Wrap duct tape around the ends for extra support.

It's easy to make a piñata at home too! You can use a paper bag. Decorate your paper bag however you like. You can draw on it, color it with crayons, paint it or cover it with tissue paper. Fill your pinata with candy. Sometimes it's a good idea to "double bag" your pinata by putting a plain paper bag in the decorated paper bag. Fold over the top of the decorated paper bag about two inches. Punch two holes through the flap and tie tightly with string, leaving an excess for hanging. You have now successfully made your piñata! Enjoy!

You can also make a piñata out of a cereal box. All you need is the box, duct tape, tissue paper and more tape. Attach the twine to the top of the box first and secure it tightly with duct tape. Cut strips of tissue paper about three inches wide and cut slits every half inch or so in the tissue paper to make it look more textured. Wrap one strip of tissue paper around the box at a time and secure it tightly with plastic tape.