Fun in the Kitchen!

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Fun in the Kitchen!

Recipes and Tips

Here's a list of intriguing cookbooks with tons of tips and tricks for readers to try out! 

Adult titles 
Bring Your Lunch! Quick & Tasty Wallet-Friendly Lunches for Grown-Ups by Califia Suntree 
Although many are still working from home due to Covid-19, this book is jammed packed with tons of practical information useful for meal prep, in general. This guidebook offers insight on office etiquette, strategic shopping, meal prep, use of specific equipment to make packing lunch a breeze, and more. Oh, and then there's the intriguing recipes to try out of course.

Cooking for Friends by Gordon Ramsay
Internationally renowned chef and star Gordon Ramsay, noted for his vibrant roles on Hell's Kitchen and Master Chef (among others), shares personal recipes in Cooking for Friends. His love for cooking is apparent across the pages of this cookbook. With warm and inviting pictures and clear direction, the Author engages both the novice and more seasoned cooks alike, inspiring all readers to get busy with exploring and creating in the kitchen. 

Cravings by Chrissy Teigen
TV personality Chrissy Teigen shares with us an array of recipes ranging from her household favorites to Thai inspired dishes, plus more. Cravings is such a fun, engaging and light-hearted cookbook. The author's commentary and pictures are transparent and exciting, inspiring the reader to try them all out!

Sunny's Kitchen by Sunny Anderson
Sunny Anderson, a Food Network personality shares a cookbook full of helpful tips, vibrant pictures and engaging stories that revolve around the fun and unique recipes that fill each page. This cookbook really pulls the reader in and inspires the inner-chef to come forth! 

Children titles

The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs by America's Test Kitchen Kids
America's Test Kitchen has compiled this kid-tested, kid-approved cookbook that's full of fun recipes, photos, tips and techniques. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs empowers young readers/chefs to be confident with exploring in the kitchen.

Cooking Class by Deanna F. Cook
This kid-friendly cookbook lays a solid foundation for the young chef. In addition to recipes, the author shares kitchen etiquette, common cooking vocabulary (with pictures) to lessen ambiguity and more. From breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and dessert, the recipes provided are fun, healthy and approachable!