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Read it First!

YA titles made into movies

A lot of young adult books become movies, and that only means you need to read it first! These books have all been adapted for film. While watching a movie is a good time, you can get a lot out of a story both on the page and the screen. Check out these books, and our OverDrive collection for other great books that have been movies.  

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas
The ebook of this title is always available to read right now, so we have enough copies for everyone to read! This book is about Starr Carter, who witnesses a horrible crime and has to decide how to use her voice. Poignant, sweet and heart-breakingly relevant, this book is a reminder of the families behind tragedy, the communities devastated by systemic racism and the strength it takes to speak up. Starr is a relatable and honest protagonist, and every character in this book stands out as a unique, rounded person with their own story. This book is important, and a great read in our times. You can place a hold on the DVD of the film, and the audiobook is also available. 

Let it Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle
This book is told from the three different perspectives of three protagonists experiencing a less than ideal Christmas. Each is having issues with their love life, family, or both, and all of them are dealing with a huge snowstorm. This is a sweet book that intertwines the stories of young people falling in love, finding forgiveness, and making the choice to have a happy holiday. You’ll love the characters’ hijinx and groan at their misfortunes on this romp through a snowed-in small town. 

Dumplin’  by Julie Murphy
Willowdean is not your average beauty pageant contestant -- but she’s determined to show everyone in her small Texas town that she isn’t just fat, she isn’t just anything. With the strength of her patron saint, Dolly Parton, Willow will find new friends and stand in a spotlight all her own. This book is funny, romantic, and thoughtful, exploring how different it can be to live as a fat person in a culture that equates thinness with beauty, and how sometimes you have to create your own light.   

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan
Nick is a disaffected musician trying to get over his ex. Norah is trying to make sense of her life after all of her plans have been thrown out of the window. A brief interaction causes them to spend the night together in New York City, chasing a secret show. Their adventures are thrilling and sweet, romantic and ephemeral, as though the night is some kind of dream they are both traveling through together. It’s a funny adventure through Manhattan after midnight, and a revelatory experience that causes both Nick and Norah to question their assumptions about each other, and themselves. You can also place a hold on the DVD of the film.

If I Stay by Gail Forman
In the aftermath of a devastating accident, one young woman has to decide if living is worth all of the pain she has ahead of her. This is a gripping, intense novel about loss and love, the tragedy we can endure, and the drive to live. This story is musical, with flashbacks interwoven into the present as the protagonist makes a horrible, impossible choice. It is a story that reminds us that love does not end with death, hope is always with us, and nothing can truly separate us from the ones we love. You can also place a hold on the DVD of the film.