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Let Your Voice Be Heard

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"There's an app for that!" Well, there's a podcast for that, too!  From business to hobbies, podcasts are EVERYWHERE.  What's your podcast idea? Want to learn more? Here's a collection of e-books (and an audiobook) to get you started.

Secrets of Podcasting: Audio Blogging for the Masses by Bart G. Farkas

Shhh. There's a secret. Well, many secrets. Podcast secrets! Secrets of Podcasting explores the tips and tricks of  audio blogging. With this read, you’ll learn podcasting principles and absolute basics. If you want to learn more about the foundation of podcasting, this read is for you.

Make Noise: A Creator's Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling by Eric Nuzum

The key to audio storytelling? "Learning to think the way your audience listens”. In Make Noise: A Creator’s Guide to Podcasting and Great Audio Storytelling,  you’ll learn how to conduct "effective" interviews, market your podcast, grow your audience, and lead your creative team. From top experts, you'll gain insight on how to start your podcast and make it grow. Ready to record?  Check this out.

Tricks of the Podcasting Masters by Rob Walch and Mur Lafferty

Podcasting can be fun. It can also be profitable. Tricks of the Podcasting Masters teaches you how to attract sponsors, stay motivated, and maintain your podcast. With the world of podcasting growing every day, your platform will soon become a way of life. Merge your passion with business and see where it takes you. This read awaits.

Speaking with Power and Persuasion by Rebecca Shafir

Your voice is the most powerful piece of your podcast. Without your voice, there’s no podcast----though you could get creative with other sounds. But, let’s stick with your voice. Speaking with Power and Persuasion explores “how the body and voice work together to produce a strong vocal image; tips for taking the stress out of speaking situations; erasing bad habits that make you hard to listen to”, and much more!  If you want to work on the most important piece of your podcast, listen to this.

Podcasting and Blogging with Garageband and iWeb by Robin Williams and John Tollett

When it comes to podcasting, editing matters. Having the right tools to produce a program worth listening to is a game-changer. Podcasting and Blogging with Garageband and iWeb is a great way to learn about podcast editing tools from the past and present. Do you still use Garageband? Are you interested in looking at iWeb? This read is for you.


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